The fitness craze has swept the nation. Yoga pants, protein shakes and huge gains. It is everywhere, gyms cropping up, primarni selling their own gym wear, there is no escape. But how is this new craze effecting people? I call it a craze as fitness and wellbeing has always been present but only now has it taken over social media and it is a fashion statement to wear gym clothes when not actually going to the gym...

Let's break it down into positive's and negatives.

It does promote health and wellbeing, motivating people to get off their asses and achieve a dream body, to take your fitness to the next level. It promotes confidence to be happy with your body, I mean working out does release endorphins which reinforce feelings of happiness. So how can it be a bad thing?

Well, it can make you feel pretty shitty, ever walked into a gym and just felt blahh? I mean you are surrounded by people who are at their peak physical fitness knowing exactly what they are doing. You're there with a bit of a beer belly from last night, with your flabby arms flying around as you do 4kg bicep curls stood net to someone lifting 30kg not even struggling. Like don't get me wrong everyone has to start from somewhere and I'm sure they aren't judging, but it doesn't have feel like they are.

Seeing all these people who have busted their asses off for years or months looking amazing can make you feel pretty crappy about your own body. Even manikins in shops, the females are slim, flat stomachs and sometimes ridiculously skinny. For males, they are muscular, toned. This must have some impact, unconscious or not, it creates a standard that people compare themselves too. Can put pressure on people to feel insecure, not good enough, fat and horrible.

I think the fitness craze is not there to put people down, but to lift people, motivate people to live healthier. But I think some people use it as a fashion statement, wearing gym clothes but never actually entering a gym, shaking their protein shakes because 'gains' '#fitfam'. Bruuu can you not.

I used to be really into my fitness, going to the gym 4 times a week, watching what I ate, I really got somewhere with it, my arms and legs were toned my stomach was flat. I missed a week and lost it all. It was the most frustrating thing, you have to keep going, it really is a life style. I couldn't be bothered to keep it up if I am honest. So I do respect those who have the determination and discipline to achieve their peak physical fitness.

Instead of focusing on fitness and being muscular, focus on a healthy lifestyle and feeling confident in yourself no matter what shape or size. It is not easy, it is a battle to feel comfortable in your own skin, but keep going! You can do it, be a better you!

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt