Are you looking for something new? Somehting more challenging? Then my training should be the right thing for you.

The main idea is quite simple: To drive your body to his top performance!

For this I combined cardio elements (rope skipping) with some abs-exercises. Due to the afterburn effect, you should absolve this training three times a week for ideal results.

First make sure you warm yourself up with a steady and easygoing jump rhythm like the toe tap. If you're a beginner at skipping rope I would suggest to start with the basic single under. Generally it's very individual what somebody considers as a steady and suitable jump for a warm up, that's why I would say it's up to you what you choose.

Finally please keep in mind that the Ab- exercises shouldn't be based on speed but on the right technique. Try to feel the muscles you stress.

What you'll need:

  1. Jump Rope
  2. 10 – 13 mins.
  3. A mat and endurance

Let's go!

  1. Round
40 seconds Basic Single Under (middle)
30 seconds Crunches (moderate)
40 seconds High knees (middlel)
30 seconds Leg Raises (moderate)
20 seconds Double Unders (middle)
40 seconds Break
  1. Round
40 seconds Basic Single Under (fast)
30 seconds Russian Twist (moderate)
40 seconds Butt Kicks (fast)
30 seconds Scissors (moderate)
40 seconds Criss Cross (fast)
40 seconds Break
  1. Round
20 seconds Sprints (max. speed)
30 seconds Side Plank Crunches (moderate)
20 seconds High Knees (max. speed)
60 seconds Planc
20 seconds Ausspringen (slow)



  • Breath through your nose to stabilize your heartbeat rate.
  • If the exercise period is too long/short: vary and individualise it.
  • Go for the Speed rope to reach your maximume speed.
  • If you're out of breath, extend the break time (but don't give up!)

This training is not recommended for beginners.

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