Our bodies go through a lot between Christmas, New Years Eve and the dry summer so it isn’t surprising that once the New Year ticks over many promise to treat their bodies a better by finally using their gym membership or vaguely declaring that this will be the year they will lose weight.
We’ve all been a little guilty of it before but before you splurge on cute active wear, remember, there’s more to being healthy than who can lift the most at the gym.

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Physical activity is important but if you’re not already an active person, exercise can seem like a nightmare or a chore. This is why so many people abandon their fitness resolutions before the first month is out, cancel their gym memberships or start dodging their fitness buddies calls.
To achieve a goal, especially one that seems out of reach, it’s sometimes necessary to work on smaller goals first. It’s like dipping your feet in the water before diving in and it’s a good bit of common sense in both instances.
So before you rush off and turn the spare bedroom into a home gym, try these fitness resolutions that care for your health minus the sweat.

  1. Drink more water. Staying hydrated is absolutely vital to being healthy.
  2. Stop drinking soft drinks. Yes, especially Diet Coke.
  3. Make sleep a priority.
  4. Commit to eating breakfast every day.
  5. Apply a six-drink-rule when you go out. Alcohol adds up to a lot of extra sugar and kilojoules.
  6. Grow a vegetable garden and use the produce in the kitchen. You’ll learn gardening skills, spend less on produce and with a little bit of love, it should taste better.
  7. Sit up straighter.
  8. Keep a journal. It will help clarity and take care of your mental health.
  9. Stop oversleeping and wake up in the AM.
  10. Try meditating.
  11. Replace coffee with tea.
  12. Promise to see your doctor more often. Regular check-ups help paint a clear picture of your medical history.
  13. Become a blood donor and save lives.
  14. Quit takeaway food and learn to cook wholesome, home-style meals that you enjoy.
  15. Book an appointment with your dentist. It won’t be any less scary the longer you leave it.
  16. Get your eyes tested and think about getting new glasses or contacts.
  17. Make a skin care routine and stick to it.
  18. Promise to stop sleeping with makeup on. It’s terrible for you skin.
  19. Start taking vitamins.
  20. Quit smoking for all the obvious reasons but mostly because it’s expensive and you’ll never afford cute active wear if you keep it up.
  21. Reconnect with friends or family and disassociate yourself from toxic relationships. Good social health and healthy relationships are crucial to good mental health.
  22. Make the decision to seek help if you need it. Promise to help others where you can and to always be kind because everyone is fighting a hard battle.
  23. Start recording your menstrual patterns so you know your body better and recognise if something is wrong. There are great apps like Clue you can use.
  24. Make a habit of stretching every day.
  25. Learn something new and educate yourself in nutrients and how they work, how to read food labels and how to find hidden chemicals in products.


Image by Xochi Romero

Published by Deanne Elizabeth