Your Daily Coffee Routine

If you’re a coffee drinker, you probably have a daily coffee consumption routine. You may have one cup first thing in the morning, and then perhaps another one or two later in the morning or after lunch. You may make your coffee at home, buy it at a coffee shop or convenience store, or even purchase it from a vending machine.

Your Daily Coffee Routine

If you buy all or most of your coffee, you’re probably accustomed to all kinds of cups, from styrofoam to paper to plastic. Some retain heat well, some hold more coffee, and some come with a special sleeve to keep your hand cool. No matter what good or bad qualities they have, two things are true about almost every cup you drink from: When you’re done, you throw the cup away, and when you want more, you’re given a completely new cup.

Well, there’s a better way. Today’s reusable coffee cups have many advantages over disposable cups. In fact, the right reusable cup will actually increase your coffee drinking pleasure. Here are 5 major advantages of reusable coffee cups.

Hotter Coffee

A quality, reusable coffee cup has insulative properties that keep hot coffee hot much longer than any disposable cup you’ll purchase. Many reusables also come with insulated lids that seal the cup tightly, further enhancing heat retention.

Most of us lead busy lives. We buy a cup of coffee, bring it back to our office, and then find ourselves entangled in an unexpected phone call or unusually long meeting. By the time we have a chance to take the first sip of our coffee, it’s luke-warm at best. A good reusable cup can solve your problems. Insulated cups keep coffee piping hot for hours, so the sip you take an hour and a half later tastes just as hot and fresh as the one you took in the coffee shop.

Better Taste

Hot, fresh coffee served in a glass, ceramic, or stainless-steel cup simply tastes better than coffee served in Styrofoam or paper. Coffee served in a reusable cup doesn’t absorb the dyes or oils found in some paper and Styrofoam containers. As a result, you taste pure coffee goodness, and nothing more. That’s an important distinction, because even high-quality roasts taste stale after several minutes in a disposable cup. Go reusable and experience coffee like it was meant to be.

Environmental Friendliness

Third on our list, but of great importance, is environmental friendliness. If you drink three coffee shop cups of java a day, you’ll likely throw away three disposable cups.

Styrofoam is generally the worst choice from a clean-earth perspective, because it’s the least biodegradable of all coffee cup materials. It routinely lives on in landfills, forests, and oceans for generations, where toxic chemicals are eventually leached from its surface into the soil. Perhaps its worst quality is its impact on birds, fish, and other creatures, that unintentionally ingest its deadly particles.

Paper cups are marginally better because they more easily decompose. However, used paper cups cannot generally be recycled, and pieces of paper cups are easily windblown into forests, fields and oceans. In addition, dyes on the porous surfaces of paper cups dissolve easily into soil and drainage ditches, and often find their way into lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Drinking from a reusable coffee cup is a simple but meaningful way to make a real difference while creating a cleaner and safer planet. Do your part and give reusable cups a try.

Versatility and Style

Many reusable coffee cups can also be used for cold beverages. The same insulative qualities that keep coffee hot for long periods also keep cold beverages cold, sometimes for hours. Purchase a hot and cold insulated cup, and you’ll be ready for fresh hot coffee in the morning and a cool mug of your favorite soft drink or other beverage in the afternoon.

A reusable cup is also a great way to make a statement about yourself, your team, or your favorite coffee café. Branded coffee cups are a great way to show the world what’s important to you. The branding topics are almost limitless, and many cups come equipped with slick branding statements for little or no extra cost.

Cost Effectiveness

What’s that, you say? How can a reusable mug or cup be cost effective since it may cost several dollars to purchase? Well, the payoff is in its reusability.

Many coffee shops, convenience stores, and cafes offer discounts on refills when customers use their own containers. Why would they do such a thing? It’s obvious, really. The fewer cups customers use, the fewer cups the vendor must buy, and the more money they save. And, if you’re a regular coffee drinker, you may be surprised to find out how quickly you’ll pay for the cost of your reusable cup from refill discounts.

So, save yourself some money and join the reusable coffee cup club.

Why Wait? Go Reusable!

We’ve seen some great reasons to try a reusable coffee cup. Who doesn’t like hotter, better tasting coffee? Who wouldn’t want to do one simple thing that could make our planet cleaner and better? Who isn’t in favor of versatility? Who doesn’t like to show off their favorite team or coffee shop once in a while? And, last but not least, who in the world doesn’t like to save money?

Give reusable coffee cups a try. You may find even more reasons to become a reusable cup lover, and you’ll surely enjoy your daily cup of coffee that much more!


Published by Mohaned Gadnne