Studying should not be left to the last minute - we all know it. As a tutor of school kids and in my final semester of university myself, I've developed a few ways to make sure revision time every night is being used well. These tips are not for exam study, but a constant thing to do every day or so to make sure all the content you are learning stays put, meaning less cramming when your tests do come. These tips also work for doing at home essays, assignments and homework (which if you do a Media course like me, you know we get a tonne of). 

1. Do tasks in small doses.

Doing what you need to do may take you three hours all up, let's say, but that seems much more manageable in six 30-minute chunks with 5-10 minute breaks between, doesn't it? In those breaks, have a snack, a cup of tea, stretch, or go for a walk. Try to stay away from social media, unless you're absolutely dying to check it. 

2. Go outside if you can. 

This doesn't work for everyone, but I for one work so much better if the day is bright and I can sit outside and do what I need to. This way, I don't feel as if I'm missing out on a beautiful day by being inside. If it's particularly lovely, I'll lie outside on a picnic blanket :)

3. Keep your space organised and minimal. 

For your inside desk, keep it clean and only stocked with the essentials. This way, you'll feel much more ready to begin revision or work when you go to sit down, as you don't have to move mountains of paper and other things before you can begin. 

4. Have a creative outlet. 

If you're a creative person, writing essays or doing revision can for sure be draining. I live for writing, but if it's for uni, forget about it being interesting to me. The way I deal with this is by setting aside time to unleash my creativity; I'll write on this blog or my personal blog, write some poetry or fiction, do some sketching or DIYS - anything that takes my mind away from work and let's me create. That way, when I go back to my dry revision, I feel much more calm about it. 

5. Drink a particular tea/burn a particular candle. 

Studies show that aromatherapy does actually work, so burning the same candle every time to go to study, or drinking the same peppermint tea, will automatically teach your brain that it's time to retain information. You're not really doing anything, but hey, if something can help you to remember things, why not try it!

I hope these tips helped! Leave me a comment below if you have any other tips to share!

Zoe x

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