As fellow teenagers of the twenty-first century, social media feeds us a lot of sh*t. We are told how to dress, what our bodies should look like and how to live our lives on the daily.

It might just be me, but I've had enough. I'm sick of gulping down several model shots, bikini pictures and salad flat lays each night, we need to use these platforms for something better than this.

Here are some of my favourite celebrities/social media stars that have destroyed this delusion, and are using their status to promote powerful and provoking things.



Lena Dunham

Actress, writer, director and producer, this girl seriously does it all. Whether you've seen her onscreen in Girls, read about her awesome Lenny Letters or have never heard of her at all, this girl is wicked regardless. Feminist, fiercely opinionated on politics and an insane comedian, this girl isn't afraid to say anything. Always going against the status-quo and inspiring others whilst doing it, Lena is downright awesome, and deserves every single supporter that she has.



Emma Watson

If you didn't fall in love with her as Hermione Granger, fall in love with her now. Emma is not only a talented actress, model, university graduate and fashion consultant but also was appointed as the Women Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations in 2014. She was part of the UN Women campaign launch, HeForShe, which calls for men to advocate for gender equality. Watch her inspiring and powerful speech here.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 5.15.18 pm.png

Melinda Brown

Dedicated to saving the ocean, this beautiful soul fills her Instagram feed with provoking images and encouragement to protect our amazing oceans. I admire people who use their social media platforms to inspire their audience, and Melinda keeps it real and stands for what she believes in, regardless of whether it will gain her popularity or not. If you are interested in ocean conservation, her blog and Instagram are worth checking out.


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Miley Cyrus

Yes, this girl is insane. She is not shy to express her sexuality, crazy outfits, nor does she hold back on stage. She gets a lot of flack in the media for her radical choices, but what I love best about Miley, is that she quite clearly gives zero f*cks. She is a big supporter of the LGBT community, is not afraid to call out Donald Trump for being an absolute idiot and has an Instagram feed full of rainbows, aliens and occasionally fried chicken. What's not to love?

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Martina Martian

This groovy gal creates the most beautiful doodles, prints, patches and apparel ever(!!). Artistically blessed and big believer of Girl Power, she will fill your life with nifty prints, inspiration and a lot of pink. Find her Instagram here.

Published by Maddie Mason