It's great to have a patio connected to your garden. This provides you with a place to enjoy the views of your lawn, as well as any flowers, plants and trees you may have.

It also provides you with a great place to entertain guests. There's many great benefits to having a balustrade on your patio and the staff at STA LOK have provided us with these five reasons why.


Balustrades are incredibly stylish pieces that can add an additional touch of class and sophistication to your patio and garden area.

One type that is an especially nice visual treat is a glass balustrade. As well as that undeniable wow factor though, a glass balustrade in particular can provide a great focal point without obstructing your view.

This means while you're watching your children play or entertaining guests, the balustrades’ structure won't be off-putting or get in the way.


On most properties, the patio area is traditionally on the same level as the garden's lawn. However, if you have uneven ground you may use a patio to solve that problem and have a slightly raised or lowered area compared to the lawn and other parts of the grounds around your property.

Furthermore, your patio may have different heights and levels. In all these scenarios, a balustrade can provide a safety measure that will stop accidents from happening to you, members of your household or any guests you may be entertaining.

Create Zones in Your Garden

Many people use balustrades to create different zones around their garden. They can be used to define different sections of your patio for different functions.

For instance, if you want to use your patio as an eating and dining area, you could use a balustrade to section it off or if you want to make a separate area for your children to play in your garden without damaging your plants and flowers, you could use one to section a piece of the garden off.

Form a Boundary

In a similar way to making zones in your garden, you can also use a balustrade to border off your garden.

Artists and photographers use frames to highlight and make parts of their painting or snaps stand out more. That doesn't necessarily mean when using the same principle in your garden, that you need to settle for a simple black border.

You can use a glass balustrade to section off the lawn from the patio, so that there's different focal points and it doesn't just become a mess of green and concrete or decking.

Sculpture Piece

If you are trying to add some definition to your garden area, you need to add elements with different heights.

Placing together small trees and mid-height shrubs with larger more visually arresting trees and then use climbers and plants that cover the ground to hide any imperfections.

Although this is incredibly effective, there are other ways you can add definition to a garden too, such as using sculptures for instance.

Not everyone likes the idea of having Grecian females in their outdoors space. And you don't have to, because you can get a similar effect and look from the addition of a glass balustrade to your garden.

Hopefully these five reasons have provided you with food for thought on why balustrading could be a great choice for your patio, but ultimately, it comes down to your individual needs.

Published by Calida Jenkins