One of the reasons that parquet looks so good is that it tends to appear rather a luxe. However, this luxe effect is not achieved without some time and energy being put into it, so there are a few things to be aware of before making up your mind what kind of parquet you want in your home.


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Design options

Parquet comes in a variety of forms and patterns. Look at a few before you choose, considering options such as chevron patterns, where parallelogram shaped pieces of wood form V shapes, or herringbone, where rectangular wood tiles sit in rows and at right angles.

Available space

Look at the size of the spaces you are laying the parquet, as some designs are better suited to large wood tiles, and may not be suited, for example, to a narrow passageway.


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Get the reclaimed look

Other options for the finished look include distressing the finish to customize the parquet to your home. It can take years to acquire the lived-in look, but you can buy parquet that has that appearance from the day it is laid. Another popular option is the rustic or reclaimed look, where the parquet tiles look like they have been repurposed.

Type of finish

Parquet flooring can be supplied with an oiled finish or a lacquered finish. Lacquer is more hardwearing and impervious to liquids, however, scratching it may mean sanding back all of it to get the scratch out and restore an even finish.

Parquet with an oiled finish may need some maintenance in the form of cleaning and applying a wood nourishment product to keep it looking fresh. Oiled floors will also need re-oiling every few years. For more tips on caring for wooden floors, see this report from 
The Telegraph.


Engineered flooring is very hardwearing and requires minimal maintenance. If you want to find out more about the possibilities of parquet engineered flooring it would be a good idea to talk to experts such as

Parquet can bring style to just about any room. Start with looking at the room itself, as it is is easier to change the parquet than it is to change the architecture. Selecting parquet that complements your home and your lifestyle is an investment that will add great value.

Published by Sunil Pandey