Sports are fun and can elicit a wide range of emotions whether for the person who is involved or the fans. You can be watching the game from the comfort of your home, or in the stadium, the one constant is the level of excitement and expectation which can be difficult to explain to someone who is not an enthusiast.

However, some of the most thrilling sports can be very dangerous, because of the physical contact that is involved.  The participants may take helmets, gloves, and even sports mouth guards, for the necessary precautions.  

We will explore some of these sports below.

1. Horse riding

A horse is a magnificent creature, and we all hope to be able to ride one.  But, talk to a few jockeys, and they will tell you how dangerous horse riding can be.  Not only do they risk falling off this powerful creature, but you can get trampled to death.  If the horse is in a bad mood, it can deliver a fatal kick, or decide that it does not want you on its back and throw you off.

2. Gymnastics

To be a gymnast, you need balance, control, flexibility, and strength.  Gymnastics has become very popular and is an Olympic sport that many fans and contestants look forward to.  However, on the flip side, the contestants face the possibility of so many injuries including spinal fractures, sprains, cartilage damage, broken bones, and paralysis among others. You can never compare gymnasts with athletics.

3. Boxing

If you know anything about boxing, it is a contact sport where opponents punch each other on the head until one of them gets knocked out.  It is an intense contact sport, and the numbers of injuries are many.  Further, in later years, boxers tend to suffer from brain diseases like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.

4. Bull riding

Anyone who decides to mess with the bad-tempered Bull should be ready for anything. Rodeos try to ride it, Jallikattu participants try to tame it, and others run with it, while the matadors provoke its temper by waving a red fabric in front of it.    No matter what the sport is, messing with a bull is not a good idea.  The risks are many for both the participants and the fans.  Goring is common, while other people die of asphyxiation when the crowd is trying to get away from the bulls.  You could also get trampled to death by the beasts, participants or fans.

5. Cheerleading

While some people may argue that cheerleading is not a sport, sit in on one of the practice sessions and you will change your mind.  It requires a lot of dedication, physical fitness and the urge to be the best.  It makes it onto our list of dangerous sports because you have seen the kind of stunts they do like getting tossed in the air, doing flips among others.  All these happen without any protective gear.


The possibility of injury is very high. We do not even want to imagine what would happen if someone was to land on the head after being tossed in the air.


Sports are fun and thrilling, but for some, you are better off watching them from home as opposed to being in the actual vicinity. 


Published by Mohsin Ahsan