I am a planner. I make plans that are set years into the future and I can't imagine anything being as important as the educational & life experiences of my children (who I don't have yet...). Here are a few of the reasons I've planned, since I was fourteen, to educate my children at home.


I share this with the hope of helping others to understand that the choice to homeschool is multifaceted & to stand in solidarity with those who've already begun the homeschooling journey.


  1. I want my children to live in beauty, to expect beauty, and to understand that they have to create beauty. I want them to look for it in everyone & everything, while being sensitive to the fact that not everyone will see the world the way they do; I also want them to know that's okay.

  2. I don't want them to learn to get hung up trying to convince others to see life through their eyes. They'll need to know when it's time to let their actions speak for themselves & when to keep a conversation going. When to walk away and when to stand their ground.

  3. I want them to be explorers, questioners, thinkers, doers, and inventors who aren't afraid to go to the bathroom without raising their hand (so to speak).

  4. I don't want them to think the world owes them anything. I don't want them to believe they're more deserving of things than others. Instead, I want them to know how to make a way for themselves & how to recognize opportunity when it knocks.

  5. I want to emphasize learning over schooling. I want my children to know that learning is not only fun, but necessary. We must continually learn & be open to the lessons in life, rather than closing ourselves off to experiences or differing opinions.


This isn't an exhaustive list of reasons for my choice to homeschool, just a few. I don't feel the school system is equipped to instill these ideals in my children & I don't see school buildings as places of beauty or independence. My personal public school experience, K-12, has undoubtedly influenced my perspective. By the time I was in second grade I was experiencing school burn out & no longer enjoyed the process of learning that I associated with school.


Please understand that I am making a personal statement. Though I firmly believe homeschooling is for every child, I also know that it is not for every family. What I mean by that is the individualized nature of home education is ideal for all children, but not all families are prepared to provide it; homeschooling takes confidence, bravery, planning, and a willingness to continue learning on the part of the caregivers involved & not everyone can handle the pressures.


Homeschooling comes with doubts from yourself, from family, and even from complete strangers who have no business prying into your life.


Everyone has an opinion & in the age of the internet gossip chain those feelings are aired with impunity. As for me the opinions of others mean almost nothing, especially when it comes to something as important and fundamental as the education of my future children.


After considering the problems we’re seeing in the school system, the mental, physical and emotional issues children are experiencing & carrying with them for far longer than they should, I decided that I would be better equipped to see to the life long learning experience of my children. Not everyone will come to that conclusion about themselves, but with the growth of the homeschooling movement, the wealth of data showing that homeschoolers are better prepared to face the world, I hope that most will at least be able to see my choice and either accept or ignore it.


Published by Orietta Rose