Pokemon Go went viral and almost nobody doesn't know now about it. I will summarise the reasons which will make this game the most dangerous game in the world. 

1- Interactive Real Gameplay 

Interactive gameplay games are one of the most desirable categories which attract players. With Pokemon Go, the situation is different. Because it depends on real life time/location based, which could be a predominant reason for having an accident as it happens once the game launched. It also could affect the social life and the general psychological attitudes. 


2- Location-based App

Many new Apps are location based, but this is not the only problem. It records all your location activities while you are running the game. Have you notice your, when you catch a Pokemon. It captures its place. So, the same happens if the server wants to track your progress. 

3- Gmail Services authority 

Well, I want here to advise you to use totally new Gmail account if you want to play Pokemon. Because the company will have the access to almost every service related to your Gmail account. This mean, If the servers have been hacked, you might be a victim of hackers and your personal data will be into the public.


4- Battery Damage

When you run the app or walking for hatching the eggs, Iphone5 could be out of charge within 2 hrs. With continuous use, this will for sure affect the battery life and might affect other hardware in the phone.

5- Security 

Your IP, location, and might other private information could be a risk. The company don't have an agreement to protect you. You play the game so, nothing is safe either guaranteed. Your data might be stolen without having any idea.


Should We Play Pokemon? 

To be honest I like that game and I play it myself. The previous reasons should be in mind and we have to be precautions in order to protect our privacy and data. We don't know what will happen in the future for this game, especially the new updates will release soon for the bugs and improvement of performances.

Published by Mohamed Abouzid