Lot of people among us don’t even know that what the zero gravity position actually is. So before explaining the health benefits of zero gravity position it’s important to explain what zero gravity position mean. Zero gravity position means sitting on a reclining position in such a way so that our leg position upward then our head and stomach. In this position our body weight distributed equally as a result we feel the weightlessness feeling. The concept of this position is comes from NASA. NASA’s astronauts usually sit on this position when they are in spaceship because this position help them to become stress free during their space journey.  Due to its weightlessness feeling in this particular position the position name is zero gravity position. This position have many scientific benefits, so in this article we are going to talk about those benefits.

1.Reduce back and neck pain :

We all know that our spinal cord is not straight. It’s actually slightly “S’’ Shape. So when we try to sleep in a flat bed or mattress our back and neck feel some pressure. The tissue and muscle that is related to our back and neck also feel the stress. As a result we feel back pain. This zero gravity position equally distribute our body weight as a result, our spine and neck feel less pressure give us relief form back and neck pain.

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2. Reduce Snoring problem:

If your partner snore during the sleeping time then you already know how irritating this behavior is. In fact this snore wakes himself up in many time. But if he/she sleep in a zero gravity position that disturbing behavior will completely gone for sure.

3. Reduce the suffering from heartburn:

A zero gravity position sleep help to avoid the stringing pain due to heartburn. This problem normally occur when we sleep in a flat position acid from our stomach move it way into our esophagus. Heartburn patients normally use some back support or pillow behind their back but a zero gravity position sleep in much effective in this case to reduce this problem.

4. Boost lunge air circulation:

In a zero gravity position our diaphragm get more space in our body. So our lunge can take more air from the atmosphere .As a result it’s improve out lunge air circulation.

5. Improve Our sleeping habit:

As we already mention that our Spine is look alike an “S” shape carve. So when we sleep in a regular flat position it’s eventually is not comfortable. But when we sleep in a zero gravity position it’s give us much more comfort and also improve our seeping habit. Specialist suggest that even a 5 hours’ sleep in a zero gravity position gives us a satisfaction of 8 hours sleep.

I am sure after reading this article you are now become more interested about this position and want to know how you can sleep in this position in a regular basis. So the answer is to sleep in a zero gravity position you need a zero gravity chair or a zero gravity bed. Zero gravity bed is an expensive one. But there are a lot of cheap zero gravity chair available in the market. But to get the quality zero gravity chair in a reasonable price in a daunting task, you have to research and Google a lot to get the best zero gravity chair that will help you to get the true zero gravity position during your sleeping period.  

Published by Asheer Raza