Given the ever-increasing medical expenses, comprehensive health insurance plans in India are nothing but inevitable. And, if you still haven’t got one in place, then you might end up spending an arm and a leg in case of medical contingencies.

But, getting acquainted with the significance of health insurance for you and your loved ones is perhaps the starting point. A more complex – and at times confusing job – is comparing and finalizing the best health insurance policy from a wide range of health plans easily available in the market. Some of them offer distinct features and benefits while others provide just the common features readily available in all policies. This is the reason why it makes sense to carefully compare before purchasing an ideal medical plan.

But the big question here is - should you compare different medical insurance plans online or offline?

The answer is pretty simple!

You must compare and shop for health insurance online. This is because it’s quicker, convenient and easy to compare and shop online. Besides, comparing and buying insurance online can save you a lot of money. Well, there are absolutely end number of reasons why you should compare health policies online.

Here, we present to you 5 such stupid, simple reasons why you must compare health insurance plans online before investing in one of the available options.  

1. To Easily Figure Out Policies That Have Lowest Waiting Period

A number of medical insurance policies stipulate a waiting period before covering pre-existing diseases, ailments that you’re suffering from. Typically, the waiting period is between 2-4 years. During this time, you wouldn’t be able to claim for treatment of a pre-existing disease. Comparing different insurance plans online helps you find out the best health insurance policy that covers your pre-existing diseases and has a comparatively shorter waiting period.

2. To Check Out The List of Network Hospitals

You probably already know that network hospitals are to provide medical facilities to you because they have a direct tie-up with your insurer. You can avail cashless treatment at these hospitals. Such a cashless treatment helps you save the hassles of bill settlement with the hospital, and then file for the reimbursement of the claim later. If you compare health insurance plans online, then you can discover the best health insurance policy that features super specialty network hospitals in your city.

3. To Check Out The Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses

You’ll be shocked to know that pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization costs make for the major chunk of overall medical expenses. Typically, health insurance plans cover pre-hospitalization expenses for a period of minimum 30 days and Post-Hospitalization expenses for a minimum period for 60 days. But there are many other plans that offer pre and post hospitalization expenses for more than the usual 30 and 60 days, respectively. A thorough comparison between different policies online helps you find out the best health insurance policy that offers maximum feasible pre and post hospitalization coverage. 

4. To Get Acquainted With The Exclusions of Different Medical Insurance Policies

Most people do not really read through the fine prints when buying a medical insurance policy. Resultantly, they end up getting shocked and paying through their nose at the time of making a claim. This is because different health insurance plans stipulate exclusions in terms of diseases and ailments under the provided coverage. By comparing policies online, you can get the best bet. Almost all online insurance comparison sites distinctly show the exclusions stipulated by different insurers to make it easy for you to take your best pick. Be careful when you purchase health insurance with the least number of exclusions, easily, and quickly.

5. To Discover Premium Stipulated By Different Insurers

Most people make the mistake of buying a medical insurance plan with the lowest premium payment, without really paying heed to the features and terms of the policy. This often proves to be a costly mistake. At the time of claim, the policyholder gets to learn that the insurer doesn’t really cover the ailment for which you were hospitalized or sought treatment. That’s why it makes sense to compare the premium stipulated by different insurers online along with the features offered against the premium.  

Over to You!

So, there you have it - 5 stupid, simple reasons why you must compare health insurance plans online before actually investing in one.

Comparing and buying is convenient and secure, and medical insurance companies are increasingly equipped to making online buying a pleasant experience for people. We’re sure that you’ll agree that a little research can go a long way in helping you source the best insurance plan, saving you a lot of money.

Published by Samantha Brown