Staying positive and upbeat can feel like an uphill battle at times, especially when you’ve had a stressful day at work, a fight with a friend or simply just an off day. If you find yourself feeling down for whatever reason, give any or all of the following a go – it might just improve your mood.

1. Listen to music

Studies have found that listening to music can help to boost your mood, as well as lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Seeing as the right music has the power to change your attitude, load up your player and create a go-to playlist that’ll make your smile.

2. Exercise

Soaking up the sunshine and doing some mild exercise can lift your mood. Don’t force yourself to do something you’re just not feeling however; do activities that match your state of mine – be it running, dancing, meditation or, yes, sex.

3. Clean

Clutter has a way of reminding you of things that should be getting done, but aren’t. That said, mess can fuel feelings of failure. Just the illusion of order is enough to ease the mind somewhat, so try putting your things into neater stacks and piles for an instant boost.

4. Hug / talk to somebody

Stimulating the pressure receptors in your skin can lower stress hormones, meaning that a good ol’ hug does wonders when you’re in a bit of a funk – as does venting your problems to a trusted friend in order to restore your equilibrium.

5. Gift yourself

We know that retail therapy is potentially expensive and somewhat of a quick-fix solution, but that doesn’t mean it feels any less good at the time!

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Published by Lara Shingles