I always struggle to come up with these Sunday blog posts. You'd think it is quite hard to think of something to blog about every week but I manage to pump out a blog post every day. And I'll tell you it's damn hard to pump something out everyday without eventually getting tired of it.

I think the reason why  I find it so hard is because I place so much emphasis on this one blog post. It's my "official" blog and because of this I've placed it on some undue pedestal that causes me to be all weird around it. 

Theres a way of thinking in the pickup community (that I am endlessly fascinated by) about putting a girl on the pedestal, you imagine just how incredible she is and marvel at what it would be like if you dated her. The problem is this thinking causes it to never work. You place yourself in a position of lower value and her way above where she is in actuality. 

The same applies to anything that you over hype too much. By placing so much emphasis on it you are telling yourself that you don't deserve it or are inferior. 

As I grow up I realize a lot of things aren't really about skill but rather confidence and mindset. What makes pro players so much better is not because they have three legs or don't need to breath but that they have the right attitude to it. 

I realize I'm fast turning into one of those informercials designed to get washed up teens to do work but it's true. 

I'll use taking an exam as an example. Say two kids sit in a class and learn the same material. When it comes to the exam one kid is convinced that he can't do it and the other convinced of his own brilliance the discrepency in their marks won't be justified by just differences in IQ but rather (according to my theory)that the more confident individual could literally access more of his brain power than the other. Sure it sounds like wack science but have you ever been in a rutt, constantly feeling low. You'll feel lethargic and unable to think but when you're up everything just works and things just go through your head like the matrix. 

What I've been trying to do recently is making exams seem less important than they actually are. I'll still revise like a demon but before the exam I devalue it so I feel more confident and easy going. For my econ exam last year I went to the gym whilst everyone else was cramming for it. When everyone entered the hall I was relaxed and confident whilst everyone else was convinced they hadn't revised enough and were worried. 

So that's the story for today, trick your brain into thinking the important stuff isn't actually that important. 

Published by Kevin Li