Leaving the rain in Voss, we were heading towards Flam to continue our journey around Norway. We saw so many rainbows on the drive towards Flam due to the weather not making its mind up and thought we could go and find the pot of gold at the bottom, but Flam was calling!

We arrived in Flam early evening so we missed the last Flamsbana train, so instead we wandering around the village and picked up a leaflet that told us what was on. I had seen online that near Flam there was a tourist attraction that was a look-out point above the fjords, and to my surprise, it was in the leaflet. They offered a bus which took you up to Stegastein viewpoint, but as we had the car we decided to drive and whilst heading there try and find a place to sleep.


The road leading up to the viewpoint was so thin and windy, I was clenching the steering wheel very tightly, especially when I came head to head with a huge coach! Thankfully he must have seen the panic on my face and the coach driver started to reverse to let me through.

But, we made it safe and sound (surprisingly). The viewpoint was 650 metres above sea level, overlooking Aurlandsfjord and the village of Aurland. The view was incredible and the sun beams were shining through the clouds, and gave such a majestic feel. Fortunately for us, it was also empty so we had the whole view to ourselves.


Now, however, it was starting to become dark and we needed a place to sleep. We headed back down towards Aurland, where we found a campsite and decided to spend the night there. We put up the tent and sat by the river having ham sandwiches and pear ciders.

After resting our heads we were up bright and early and quickly rushing towards Flam to catch the train we had planned to get! With minutes to spare, we were boarding the famous train!

Flamsbana is a 20.2km long railway line between Flam and Mydral. The views were spectacular and gave us some incredible panoramic views of the nature in the Norwegian fjord landscape. They also had screens which gave you lots of information about certain points. At one point you are able to get off and I won't ruin it for people who are going, but there is a fun surprise (one Cole very much enjoyed!).


We wished that we had rented a bike and took the train up to Mydral and cycled down as many people were doing, but we hadn't realised you could do this until we were there. We had heard that the cycle route was magnificent and was gutted we had not realised sooner.


We were both glad we had done the Flamsbana, but felt that it was slightly overpriced and wished we had only paid one way, and cycled the rest as I said earlier. But you live and you learn.

Still on our hunt for kayaking along the fjords from Voss, when we reached Flam we headed towards the kayaking centre. Shut! Our kayaking dream was starting to become clear that we were not destined to do it (which continued the next day). So instead we had the most amazing hot dog from one of the stands in the village and got back in the car to drive to Lillehammer, where we had planned to spend our last night camping in Norway!


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