Hello ladies and gentlemen.
Today’s post is about your gorgeous eyebrows-  the most focused on object on your face.
This post will just give you an idea how to make your brows as fleeky as you are, boo!


Eyebrow brush
Eyebrow pencil / shadow
Eyebrow gel

How to shape your brows

To determine the length and shape of an ideal eyebrow, imagine a line that starts at the outside of your nose and follows through to the outer corner of your eye. This is where your eyebrow should start, and end.

Shaping the brow comes naturally to some, but not so easily to others. If it’s your first time or you don’t feel confident with a pair of tweezers, go to a beautician to have them shaped professionally. If you’re keen to give it a go yourself, remember the golden rule: rather under-pluck than over-pluck. Start slow, and remove only the hairs that deviate the furthest from your natural brow shape. You can always remove more hair if you think they look too full, but it’s much more difficult to “fix” over-plucked eyebrows.

Take your eyebrow brush and brush the hairs on one direction, allowing them to lie neatly on your skin. You will see a definite natural shape, even if there are stray hairs surrounding it. This is the shape you should try your best to preserve. Pluck the stray hairs, starting with those the furthest from your full brow. After every few plucks, brush your brow again to ensure you’re following the shape correctly. This also allows you to track the changes and continuously see what it’s going to look like. Once you’re happy with the result, you can start grooming.

How to do the daily groom

Find a product that matches the colour of your eyebrows. You will need it to fill sparse areas, lengthen or thicken the shape of the brow. An eyebrow mascara provides the most natural-looking colour, whilst a brow shadow or pencil allows for fuller coverage and better definition. Always start at the inner corner of your brow and work your way outwards. Apply product sparingly and layer if necessary, rather than applying too much from the start. It’s best to apply it in swift, light movements, mimicking the hairs that the brow consists of.

Once you are happy with the shape and colour of your brow, you can set the hairs with a clear eyebrow gel. This will help settle unruly hairs and keep the shape you’ve created in place. If you struggle with fine or short hairs, use a gel with nourishing properties to assist with hair growth and strength.

Stand back and inspect your work in the mirror. Your eyebrows should look natural, both in colour and in shape. Once you’re happy with the results, stand back and allow the compliments to begin! You’ll be surprised at how many people notice a difference.

Take care my loves!

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