i've got more

i can't do

can't give

can't be you

i tried

i just lied

restless resting aching behaving badly

inside i'm not the same anymore
but inside is where the truth is supposedly 

so they say

and i'm inside
i see everything 
but i don't see you
i don't see anyone
they're all gone
emptied house

i don't know what else to say
i'm here i am this way 
can't be any different
or anything worth while
hurting in places
place inside -hurting in places inside
so i swallow a pill and i wait 
i wait until i'm able bodied and ready again
to do things


the hurting able bodied lying stiff
lying -lying
resting waiting for more
should shut the fuck up
before i'm on the floor
it's all the same
nothing going 
nothing getting better
robotic features

body double

double feature