Ok, florals have come back in, and they were a 'thing' in the 90's...As I've said before, fashion goes round in 20 year cycles.

Though florals today are different and more eye catching, and of course made with better fabrics and stronger colours........check these out!

This dress is a bodycon style and shows 2 different patterns that complement each other really well.  The trick with a dress like this is to match accessories to the colours of the actual dress, like the red bag and yellow sandals.  There is a touch of blue in the dress, so add a shaped denim jacket and you can't go wrong.


This skirt is amazing........but with the wrong top.....dowdy!! so make sure your top is plain and form fitting.  And make sure you don't wear it if you are over 40 (my age) .......trust me.  I don't usually like being told what I can't wear for my age........ but midriff and floral, no.  Midriff looks cougar-like and floral adds decades to the age of someone in my age group sadly.

If you are 40 and above, don't despair, we can get away with almost anything else!!  Crazy heels boots bodycon dresses, the sky is the limit ladies!!


Till next blog......stay fabulous

Suuze xx

Published by Susan Crowe