It is 2018, for heaven’s sake! There are no rules! While there can still be a debate on whether a woman should send flowers to a man or not? Or if men like flowers at all or not but one thing is for sure that ladies, if want to, can definitely gift men flowers on their special occasions such as a birthday, anniversary or just because you are feeling so cute on them and they deserve to be all happy and cheered up! However, there is a basic courtesy that you can follow while sending flowers to men.

Why Are Flowers Always Associated With Women?

Flowers’ inherent characteristics such as delicacy, beauty and fragrance are relatable to women. The bigger and larger pictures of flowers having a deep impact on the psychological and physical aspects of human beings are side-lined in favour of defining gender stereotypes. Various research and studies have established that flowers enhance productivity and focus at the workplace. At personal front, flowers can usher in positive vibes and bring joy to the atmosphere as well as the recipient.

Besides, flowers are the universal symbol of love, care, respect, gratitude and in fact, every emotion known to the human race. So, if you still think that flowers are a woman thing, you are missing out on a great deal!

The Right Flowers for Men

This is where we can actually draw a line. Unlike women, men usually prefer darker shades of flowers such as purple orchids, red roses and dahlias. You can also mix the blooms with a bit of green to make it metro sexual and more masculine. Steer clear of soft toys as usually, men don’t prefer the mushy things women like. Basic gender traits, you see.

The Right Occasions to Send Flowers to Men