"Have you ever studied the meaning behind flowers? Which flower is the best fit for you and your life?"


This feels like one of those obscure job interview question. Next, they'll probably ask what animal I would like to be, what my sign is, or what superpower I'd like to have. I'm never sure what they learn from those types of questions, but the good news is that now that I'm a stay-at-homemaker (stay-at-home mom + homemaker), I probably won't have to do another job interview.


Okay, flowers... I love having flowers around me. When I was younger, I visited a dear family friend who had set aside a substantial budget for fresh-cut flowers in her home year-round. It was so lovely! I decided that when I grew up, I would also have flowers. Now that I live in the country, I have finally created the flower gardens I'd always dreamed about.



I grow a happy variety of flowers, mostly because my greener-thumbed relatives give me clippings. My favorite flowers are the simple roadside weed version of daisies. But I also grow several colors of irises and tulips, purple and pink gladiolus, hot pink peonies, orange day lilies and tiger lilies, purple miniature hollyhocks, purple and white lilacs, red New England aster, and pink echinacea. And just this spring, I planted hydrangeas near where my tiny house/she-shed will be located (when we get around to building it). Since I don't know the acidity of the soil, I'll just have to wait to see what color those will bloom.


So, what do all those flowers symbolize? Everyone knows that red roses mean passionate love and white carnations mean you're headed to prom in the 1980s. But what about the rest? According to aboutflowers.com, daisies mean innocence, gladiolus show strength of character, hydrangeas represent perseverance, irises bring inspiration, lilacs symbolize first love, peonies are for healing, and day lilies mean enthusiasm.


That all sounds great to me! Not only do I get to be surrounded by beautiful explosions of color from early May through late September, I can always use more inspiration, enthusiasm, perseverance, healing, and strength of character in my life.

Published by Phoebe DeCook