There have been a lot of changes in the construction industry and you may see nowadays that large building is being constructed but cannot see enough masons around. If you are an owner of a bricklaying company and still, follow the traditional method of construction then you will lose some great deals. It is high time that you get enlightened about the changes and implement it in your business to sustain and survive, and also stand apart from other bricklaying companies. Earlier companies used to do some brickwork and flint work on their construction projects, but now bricklaying companies offer various other services such as stonework and glass blocks interiors. So, if you want to establish your business with best ROI then you must start these diversities from your company and offer various facilities to your customers. 

Bricklayer and Mason 

You must know that not every bricklayer is a Mason though both the terms are used interchangeably. It may seem to you that both these professions considerably overlap in their duties and requirements but there are a few significant differences between the two. The difference primarily lies in the skill level and a bricklayer can be considered as a specialized mason that knows about advanced bricklaying techniques over years of practice. 

The Job Duties of Bricklayers: 

Bricklayers usually work in the construction industry and their job includes the following: 

  • Laying bricks to build walls
  • For the chimneys
  • Creating decorative features for homes and other structures
  • Spreading mortar onto the sides of bricks
  • Cementing stones together in a row evenly
  • Ensure level bricklaying 

Different Types of Associated Works Offered by The Bricklaying Companies: 

The bricklaying companies associated with the construction companies also perform a few other jobs that include: 

  • Hood carriers responsible for the prep work for laying bricks. They mix mortar and transport materials across the job site.  
  • Plasterers are usually those tradesmen that plaster the interior walls and they start working after the bricklayer fishes building the wall. 
  • Scaffolders build scaffolding that is used by the masons and bricklayers to work at heights. Scaffolders use metal piping or wood to build the temporary structures. This is a safety tool which will require by every construction company. 

So, for your construction projects, consult with some bricklaying companies and ask for the quotes from them. Then you can compare their prices to choose an affordable one. Bricklaying companies can easily build the structure of your building because they have good plasterers, concreters and painters in their team. 

Published by Joel Borthwick