You are about to experience the best time in any girl's life. The end of studies is approaching (at least temporarily), and you will become a young woman and work your way through life. As you can see, it's an essential transition for the future, so you'll want to do it while looking and feeling more beautiful than ever. In Jovani we have all the prom dresses you can imagine and also, some tips for that special day.

Next, we will talk about the most outstanding styles of our 2019 prom dresses collection, so you can choose which of them will be your favorite.

Fashion designed to enjoy

Don't be afraid of letting the nerves, trend or your silhouette overcome yourself. The prom dresses are nothing more than the best party dresses there is, so the first step in your selection is to discard any forced concept and prepare yourself for fun.

On the other hand, it is also time to expand your "fashion palate." Although a good part of the models that you will find in the stores are long, in Jovani we know the trends, so you will have at your disposal many models of dresses that are short or that reach only the knees without you having to be picking it up every step you take, let alone fix it. Our designers had you in mind, and the perfect dress does exist.

Hollywood elegance meets prom

Some models in the collection have an elegant design in colors as fashionable and delightful such as pastel colors can be. In such pieces, we provide the advantage that they will work even for other occasions.

It must be said that these dresses are soft in their tonalities, so you will choose to bet on minimalist wave or the best young red carpet/celebrity style. Some of the most requested colors are the nude (which according to your skin tone can vary from a pale beige to hazel tones and its variations), alongside pink.

Of course, the most daring personalities will always be drawn to the shorter dresses, and the prom dress code is more flexible than the rest of the school year. Don't worry; our designs are designed not to fall into the "too much" zone.

To comply with this last trend when it comes to media fashion, we include effects such as the "balloon" in the skirt area, ideal and trendy. Girls who are somewhat more traditional and want to wear a more classic dress can choose models like the Ivory Embellished High Neck Short Dress 45547 because it falls in the rightness between "modernity" and sensuality since they leave the back to the air in a very flattering cut.

Finishes and the most acclaimed tones

Colors such as gray, silver strokes, as well as orange, like the golden finishes, are exquisite to wear; perfect if you have to pick up the crown as your school prom queen. Also, after graduation, you can reuse a model made with these details if, for example, you have to attend a wedding or a special celebration.

To combine this style of models as it is in the case of the Champagne Fitted Sequin Prom Dress 62507, we recommend you not to use very striking jewelry, as transparencies and embroidery are usually allies of substantial presence.

Choose and complement correctly

In the case of Cloud Blue Embellished Off the Shoulder Prom Dress 51115, you will also have available shades such as navy blue and a more strapless heart neckline, which looks beautiful if you have a strong personality, or if you are looking for a tone that can suit you for the night. In this case, your accessories may also be in navy blue. You can even bet on a variation with lace or transparency.

On the other hand, the shades in yellow like the Off White Floral Appliques V Neck Prom Ballgown 55634 model, decorated with flowered lace, creates a classy effect that will serve you both for the day and the night. This dress is, without a doubt, synonymous with elegance and maturity, with exquisite taste. Shoes? You can use sandals, a closed heel or whatever is most comfortable for you. As it is a long dress, your feet will be seen on rare occasions. Take advantage that this does not always happen.



Published by Mohsin Ahsan