Some people don’t care how they look, while others do. Some people can just walk out of their house looking whatever, while some other people are great at looking impeccable at all times.

No matter which type of person you are, this article will teach you all the tips and advice you need to know so that you can look impeccable at all times. Now, don’t assume that, just because some people like looking perfect,  everybody should do the same.

You don’t have to do anything that you’re not comfortable in. Keeping this in mind, enjoy this article as you gain more knowledge about the things that can make you look less frumpy.

1. Wear the Jacket Differently

Traditionally, we just wear the jacket the way it’s supposed to be worn. Some people even knot it around their waist.

To look less frumpy, wear your jacket on your shoulders like Kim K. Not only will you hide your flabby arms, you can also look thinner doing it.

Since most Hollywood celebrities wear their jacket on their shoulders, you will give off the vibe that you are a very fashionable person. Nobody would dare call you frumpy.

2. Don’t Wear Baggy Clothes

First of all, baggy clothes don’t fit you well. The large size prevents your real feminine beauty from shining.

Wearing baggy pants and tees at the same time is not recommended. If you want to wear a baggy top, pair it with skinny pants or jeans, and vice versa. Make sure to tuck the tees in, so that you look thinner and less frumpy.

If you do own baggy dresses, you can utilize them by wearing them with matching belts around your waist. It will create a beautiful hourglass look that you will love to see on yourself!

3. Wear Something Other Than Jeans

Jeans are totally overrated. You think so too, right?

Almost everybody’s go-to bottoms are jeans. Most of them don’t even wash them until they have worn them fifty times.

Lay low from jeans for a while, and try on other things in your wardrobe, like skirts, pants, and shorts. Do so, and you won’t look boring anymore when you stand in front of the mirror.

4. Color Coordinate Your Outfit

Many people make the mistake of wearing outfits with a bad combination of colors. If you are doing this, change it now.

It can be beneficial for you to understand how color palettes work so that you can match the right colors. If matching colors is too much for you, go with one shade.

Ideally, your outfit should not demonstrate more than three shades. More than that is just too much.

5. Knot the Tees

Tees are as common as jeans. It’s time to make them more interesting.

Knot your t-shirt or shirt at the base and turn it into a crop top. If you have a piercing in your belly button, you have a chance to flaunt it.

The knot will bring out your waist, making your curves stand out. And you did it without surgery!

6. Get Some Nice Shoes

The kind of shoes you wear will either make you or break you. Now, don’t go investing in bizarre-looking shoes that make people uncomfortable.

Do some research on stylish shoes according to the season and the trend. Read the features to understand whether you will feel comfortable in those shoes or not.

Additionally, try to get shoes that match the outfits in your wardrobe. If you have too many black clothes, don’t buy white shoes. Get black ones instead.

7. Keep Your Accessories to a Minimum  

Don’t ever overdo it with the accessories. It’s alright if you just wear a nice pair of earrings, a long, slim necklace with a matching belt, or even a branded watch.

Now and then, you can pull off bright jewelry, but only if it matches your outfit, and if you aren’t going to overdo it. You also need to make sure that your jewelry matches the color of your outfit.

8. Keep It Simple

Some days, it’s difficult to decide what to wear. Keeping it simple is key on those days.

Pick out the simplest, plain t-shirt or dress from your wardrobe. Match it with a simple pair of shoes of the same color.

If you want, throw in some accessories. If not, it’s all good. Have your hair down or pull your hair up into a simple bun.

9. Get the Best Lingeries

Now that you’ve sorted out your outer wears, it’s time to focus on your inner wears. You are not ugly, trust me. But the lingeries you’ve been wearing all these times, they are responsible for making you look frumpy.

Get rid of all the outdated lingeries from your wardrobe immediately. Then, browse online for the best lingeries of the time.

If you worry about your weight constantly, you will love push-up bras. They will give your busts a lift, which in turn will make your stomach look leaner and longer. Additionally, it will give you a more youthful look.

10. Take Care of Your Clothes

It’s possible to own a dress for five years without having it lose its original quality. Yes, if you take care of it.

Some people are guilty of leaving their clothes in the washing machine for a little too long, or of not using fabric conditioner after every wash. Some of you even show up at work or school with crumpled clothes.

Hear this out - wardrobe maintenance should not be taken lightly! If you take care of your clothes properly, they will last longer without losing texture. On the other hand, you would look seriously frumpy if you keep wearing clothes that you never take care of.

Final Thoughts

There is heaps of fashion advice out there, and everyone will tell you something different. Some people will suggest that you go bold and wild with your wardrobe. Other people will tell you to keep it simple and sleek.

Whatever your style is, it has to match your personality. Your style should reflect your favorite music, art, and poem.

Although, looking old-fashioned is not so bad when you think about the timeless classic styles of our age. In spite of that, you need to keep up with the times and let people know that you can be stylish no matter which century you’re living in.

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