My Brothers and Sisters,


It is time to ACT OR ACCLIMATE!


When ignorance, hatred, defiance and malice has power and is brandished ostentatiously, it is an attack of darkness and one only has two choices--ACT OR ACCLIMATE!


Those who believe they can recreate Truth, calling it 'alternative facts' or 'broadened definitions', clearly, beyond doubt have no REVERENCE FOR TRUTH, which is Holy, meaning they have NO REVERENCE FOR GOD! Therefore, THEY ARE NOT BELIEVERS, but, instead, ENEMIES of God! Those who willingly defend them are co-conspirators and enemies of God.


These are traits of darkness borne of the adversary.  Darkness has no benevolence to others and no heartfelt affection. It is incapable of perfect love. There is no reasoning with it, for it has no rationale, having NO PLACE within or amongst LIGHT. There is no true cooperation or goodwill for those who oppose them. There is envy, jealousy, greed  and sabotage for want of power and status. All actions are based on enmity, defense, torment, self-preservation, self-absorption and a disdain for all around it that it clearly is incapable of understanding or ever feeling. It is a nefarious agent living in damnation along with its master who was cast into its bowels awaiting its sentence to be carried out.


How can that which is self-seeking have true benevolence and convictions of holiness and righteousness? It cannot see TRUTH! It sees through mirrored lenses reflecting back SELF. It can only see through its own eyes and not the eyes of God. Whereby, men allow their Brothers to suffer and perish, then, having washed their hands of the matter, they fill their bellies and coffers with that which should have been shared with their Brother.


To try and bring Light and understanding to that which is in total darkness is a vain effort. What would God have us to do? EXPOSE it and CAST it out! How do I know this? God has revealed it to man within the Scriptures, His Written Word. There are no options! You cannot simply expose a demonic presence and the presence of sin, for it will find somewhere else to cause harm. Yet, WHO WILL STAND, LORD?! Who will STAND to show their LOVE FOR YOU, WHO GIVES US EVERYTHING! OH, LORD, is there ANYONE who LOVES you with ALL their heart and soul?


Who will stand while they defy Your Holy Name and Your Word? They DENY the Will and Way of He who makes the Sun to shine up above them and the air which flows through their lungs.


To think that one can BENEFIT from ignorance is to take on the cloak of ignorance and be blinded by its poison!


Ignorance is not a fire that one can stand by and watch, waiting for it to die out. Ignorance cannot be doused with water. Ignorance continues to burn and feed off of darkness that arises within those who react to it and the darkness which it spreads.


Those in darkness do not consider themselves in ignorance and torment, because they neither can see the agony, darkness and torment that covers them, nor the disease that eats away and consumes them.


They see no reason to be their brother's keeper because they do not see ALL men as being their brother. Therefore, those whom they have no thought for, care nothing for and care not to see, WILL SUFFER. That they choose to help the poor, sick and weak out of love and compassion is a fallacy.  YOU CANNOT DEPEND UPON THEM AS ALLIES. They are FALSE ALLIES, who only seek to USE people and throw them away.


They see those who suffer, as being responsible for alleviating or ending their own misery. This is the diseased and dark power that has seized our government and will continue to keep us in chaos and demise.


I will be accused of demonizing opponents, but, we must take a REALITY CHECK

and call a lie a lie, sin as sin and ADMIT that we KNOW these things because THERE IS A GOD, who has created Heaven and Earth and the creatures called men who dwell upon the Earth, whom He shared His knowledge with, telling them of GOODNESS and EVIL. God warned man of the the dark spirits that roamed the earth to persuade or possess him, so that he would do evil and the bidding of darkness. I am not demonizing an opponent, I am DEFINING A CONDITION that has been RECOGNIZED and cannot be contributed to anything else. It is a SPIRITUAL SICKNESS AN INFECTION, for which man has and can NEVER have a cure, for ONLY JESUS can fix it! Therefore, if one has chosen to serve darkness, then, they are an ENEMY of God in the company of Satan and Demons.


THE LIES AND DECEPTION WILL PERSIST, for the adversary continues to resist. IT WILL NOT GET BETTER, for darkness must be cast out! It will appear to diminish, but it only burrows itself deeper, encasing itself within a cyst to fester, evolve and metastasize for further invasion and decay.


Exposing it to try and shine Light upon it, only gives it reason to strengthen and multiply to defend itself. Therefore, IT MUST ALSO BE ROOTED OUT AND EXTRACTED! CAST OUT from amongst the people. Stripped of its attachment in every way! Anything that it has gained is by ill-means. Therefore, it must be stripped of anything and everything that will strengthen it and help it to refortify. We must remember that it is a malignant cancer that will continue to spread, if ANYTHING is left behind.


God brings His Word to LIFE over and over again, but man refuses to see and heed His Word. We are seeing PROOF of God's Word before our eyes, yet, who will look and not turn away. Who can see the HAND OF GOD!


If we look at the legislation waiting to be passed in our government, we can visualize the scripture, where the kinsman of the injured man, beaten and robbed, left lying on the highway, simply pass him by, taking no responsibility and feeling no remorse or compassion for their brother. Then we can understand the Republican's statement that the government can't pay for programs that simply look or sound good. Who would have thought the good Samaritan left money with the innkeeper to take care of the victim just to look good? He could have kept that money in his pocket and used it to buy something else and help himself. Perhaps, save for a rainy day, use it to invest in his business or share a feast with wealthy friends at his vacation home. He didn't even know the victim or if he deserved to be helped.


The Republican Party makes the claim that the Government is not obligated to provide healthcare for the people. They are too blinded by ignorance to see that THE GOVERNMENT IS THE PEOPLE! --AND AS THE PEOPLE, WE ARE OUR BROTHER'S KEEPER!  Thus, saith the WORD of God. The laws of man cannot ABOLISH nor kick against the Word of God! The work of the Republican party to legally starve, torment, hurt and kill their Brothers is in vain! This is a DARK era within American and human history! GOD IS NOT PLEASED! NO lies, coverups, weaving and diving, ducking or dodging will enable workers of iniquity who have trespassed against The Almighty God to escape His Hand!

God knows how many people are involved in this travesty and charade and it doesn't stop with Trump, his family, cabinet, advisors, and campaign staff, or the Russian government. Our government has been compromised and it is time to EXPOSE and EXTRACT.



Meanwhile, the perpetrators think no one sees what is in their hearts! They puff themselves up with false confidence, believing, no one knows what they're really thinking. They believe they have power, status, backers and supporters. No one loyal to them will utter a word against them. No one can point a finger to accuse and blame, because they alone know the devious plan and they alone wield the power to bring it into fruition.


However, God has heard the cries of the Righteous.  God is waiting, watching, counting, recording, testing, preparing, lining things up in the present and in the future and I see Jesus writing... writing in the earth, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven!" Father, we thank you for the VICTORY!


Let EVERY Believer, Disciple, Follower, Soldier and Spiritual Walker see the writing as a call to cast out that which has shown itself hostile and dangerous, reveling in blasphemy and iniquity, against the Holiness and Righteousness of God, collaborating with the enemy and adversary to destroy man and that which is PART OF GOD!


How foolish are those who wander in darkness to believe they can EXIST without the foundation of TRUTH! It is painfully humorous to hear them lie and not realize that they are harming and destroying no one but themselves, for the wages of sin is DEATH.


Brethren, join me now in heart and Spirit, as we engage in Spiritual Warfare against the enemy, warring not against flesh and blood, for the Word of God enlightens us.



Ephesians 6:12 King James Version (KJV)

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.



Father, use us! Position us and place us where You would have us to be effective. Cleanse us of worldly influence,  earthly matters and bodily pollution. Clear our minds and purify our hearts. Plant our feet upon Thee, the Holy Foundation of the Kingdom. Let us feel Thy presence totally filling us and manifesting all that You are and all that You would have us to be. Strengthen our backs and steady our hands. Let us hear clearly Thy Will for us and Your People.


Father we Love and Adore You. We HUNGER for Thy TRUTH, holiness and righteousness that flows throughout the universe and defines its existence. Lord, Your hand has made us. Your hand continues to provide for us. We can do NOTHING without you.


We are READY AND WILLING to do THY Will, knowing we can do ALL things with You and through You. Hence, through Thy Holy Spirit, WE LOOSE THE CLEANSING POWER OF TRUTH upon the man masquerading falsely as  president  of the United States and our government's administration of darkness! WE BIND THE DARKNESS which exudes from them! We expose and cast out the demonic spirit of lies and deception trying to hide and work maliciously to kill, steal and destroy. Protect us, cover us, Father. Dress us in Thy armour carrying Your Sword within our hand to speak TRUTH to Thy People.


We pray, Father. We PRAY Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, in the name of Your Precious Son, Christ Jesus, for Your Will to be done here on Earth. Brethren, let us lift up His Holy Name, which has POWER AND GLORY AND HONOR, praising the Father for evermore! Amen!


Brethren, ACT, walking and living by FAITH in the Marvelous Light, OR ACCLIMATE and perish with those in darkness! The lies will not end. Lying is the ONLY way darkness knows how to communicate! It is not new or perplexing, astonishing, unprecedented or unheard of. It is the character of the adversary and those who are CONTROLLED by him. It is the BEGINNING OF THE END!


The enemy is watching us, because they know we are True Believers. They pretend to not fear us, but, they know our words have POWER, because they are rooted in our FAITH! They are afraid to reveal their source of fear, thus, create stories and lies to cover up their lies wrought out of fear. Yet, it is not OUR WORDS, which should invoke fear, but, THE WORD OF GOD, which we speak in TRUTH! Therefore, we call upon You in LOVE and GRATITUDE FATHER, SPEAK LORD, SPEAK!!!


Your servant and soldier, calling Your servants to SPIRITUAL WARFARE to PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD! United with the One, In love, Father, Your Love, which covers all. I praise You for the GOODNESS and MERCY You have shown to me and my Brethren. How my heart is FILLED with LOVE and GRATITUDE! My cup runneth over. May we FOREVER be in Thy presence. Amen, amen.







Published by Mishael T