Be sure what you eat before and after workout! It affects your result!

People who exercise a lot carbohydrate and protein intake is the most important.

What we should eat before workout?

Before the morning exercise we need to be sure that our food meet with the following points:

  • Upload glycogen storage
  • Maintain blood sugar level
  • Avoid starvation
  • Achieving well-hydrated condition

To begin with I have to say it is not recommended to exercise  with empty stomach! The reason for this is many people react badly to fasting workouts. In many cases, low blood sugar causes nausea and dizziness.

What, how much and when we should eat influenced by many factors. Since we are not the same, digestive processes can be different in many cases which vary individually.

Pre-workout food:

  • rapidly absorbed carbohydrates
  • contain low fat
  • contain less protein than your main meal
  • eupeptic

Good choice would be:

  • A little portion of oats with some fruits,
  • Greek yogurt with LSA mix or flaxseed ,
  • Smoothie: greek yogurt with some fruits and little bit of granola.

We have to take attention to the adequate fluid intake as well. 15-20 minutes before workout we should drink 2-3 dl water, it is still considered and tolerated quantity.

Before daytime exercise we shouldn't eat carbs 1 hour before workout because the body needs time to digest and starts to burn carbs first.

What we should eat after workout?

After workout the key is replacing lost fluids and we have to start filling up our empty glycogen stores as well.

So sufficient quantity and quality of carbohydrates are also very important after work-out, which won't be stored in fat -  contrary to popular belief.

1 gram/bodyweight carbs should be consumed within 1-2 hours after exercise but don't forget the protein intake because protein provides amino acids which are necessary for muscle-building, strengthen tissues.
In that time think about proper protein intake, don't afraid to use protein-based products, which constitute a rapidly absorbable and easily digestible protein source, further it is possible to replace macronutrients as soon as possible.

Post-workout food:

  • high-protein food that helps the muscle regeneration - you should consume within half an hour after exercise
  • rapidly absorbed carbohydrates, which quickly fills energy and glycogen stores

Good choice would be:

  • Chicken with veggies which will fill you up without feeling overly bloated,
  • Veggie omelet with avocado: eggs are a great source of protein and help aid in muscle recovery and growth, veggies have vitamins, avocado is for fiber and monounsaturated fats,
  • Fish with veggies and sweet potato,
  • Last but not least, protein shake can help you: minimum 20 gram protein shake within half an hour after exercise.
Don't forget proper nutrition depends on individual characteristics, lifestyle and your goal!

Published by Monika