Yes, I was inspired by Lady Gaga newest song when I wrote this article. But I’m not going to talk about this song. While Lady Gaga’s interpretation of song is about a relationship that was in fact an illusion, I want to talk about how our life sometimes, without we knowing, is a perfect illusion.

How many of you have find the true friend? That one friend that always be there for you in good and bad. If you already found them, let me say to you, hold onto them. There are a lot of people still trying for finding true friend. Most of us still stuck with our perfect illusion friend. And for those who haven’t found their true friend, let me say to you, your true friend is the one that’s always giving positive energy and be there for you when you don’t need them.

And then we have our happiness. Have you found your happiness? Are you sure you have found your happiness? Happiness is different for each people. For me, happiness is able to inspire people with my experience. Some people still stuck with perfect illusion of happiness. What is perfect illusion of happiness anyway? Let me explain it by telling you a story.

I have one friend, let’s called him Ario. As the oldest son in family, he was taught that happiness is to study hard, get a job, married a woman, have children, start a family. Even though he loves to travel and live nomadic, he tries so hard to pursue that happiness he was told. He was dictated by his family definition of happiness. He didn’t realise that travelling and live nomadic is his version of happiness.

Some of us still struggle with our version of perfect illusion of happiness. We didn’t realise that we already found our happiness. We just don’t think that as a happiness because it’s not what we’re told. Let me tell you, happiness is different for each one of you.

Published by Aldrian Kevin