A rhythm that appeals to the mind, a tune that mesmerizes the soul, a song that touches the heart and a note that soothes the ears – music is a perfect way to experience life in a fantastic way. Taking away the troubles and challenges of routine course, music offers the magic of silence, peace, happiness and joy. With immense love for music and interest towards its rhythmic power, I enjoy the joy in its tune. As an amazing means of enjoyment, relaxation, engagement and fun, I love the magic of music. Be it any language, genre, artist or style, I can draw happiness from its sound. Music has the ability to connect me with my inner self, inviting flow of thoughts, emotions, feelings and ideas.

     Joy of listening to my favorite music can never be replaced by any other means. While some songs appeal to my taste easily, experiencing different style of songs before narrowing down to a chosen few form an interesting task. With diverse varieties of songs and latest additions that contribute their share every passing day, I enjoy the dynamic feel offered by music. Be it any occasion, moment, memory or incident, music has a ready course for its listeners.

     Music stands for energy, enthusiasm, activeness and excitement, as I love the feel of its tune. Diverse styles of music with their unique essence of offerings can touch the chords of the heart. A complete fan of this rhythmic art, music motivates me to soak in its feel. From fast numbers with energetic beats to slow songs with soothing touch, from classical melodies with cultural flavors to latest trends with a modern touch, every style of music appeals to the eager listener in me. While listening to different genres of music, before selecting few favorite numbers, I enjoy the uniqueness in every variant.

    Music has the power to take me over nostalgic lanes, quite often. Giving a wonderful feel to its tune, music preserves amazing memories from the past. With an appropriate piece of music for every occasion, I admire the strength in its notes. By blending meaningful lyrics with melodious tunes, music is able to create a long-lasting impact on the ears.  Celebrating love, friendship, relations and significant achievements, music has a perfect participant for every single aspect. Music inspires me to forget the world around, taking me in its rhythmic stride.

        Along with fast music that pumps energy into my system and slow music that calms me down, music inspires me to look beyond my limitations. Motivating me to expand my horizon and believe in endless possibilities and limitless opportunities, music certainly charges me up within no time. As a remedy for sadness, disappointment, boredom and irritation, I enjoy the feel of music and its irreplaceable charm.


     Taking this course of affection ahead, let me pen down a few thoughts that motivate the listener in me:


  • Music offers a welcoming break from the routine course of my schedule.


  • It has the power to sow inspirational thoughts and motivational beliefs.


  • Diversity of songs and music bring wide array of interesting experiences.


  • Designed for every occasion, event, relation, moment and memory, music is a wonderful form of expression.


  • Magic of old songs coupled with freshness of new ones create the wonders of music.


  • Slow soothing melody radiate peace and calmness within inner self, while fast numbers spread joy and happiness.


  • With aid of wonderful lyrics, beats, tune and rhythm, art of music has the power to entertain.


   Such is the power of music that appeals to the heart, mind, ears and soul. Truly wonderful in every way, music forms an essential component of my survival kit for a happy life!





Published by Lavanya