Oy the articles that have been written about Food Stamps, one would think it's a virtual sin to do what you must to feed your family.  I know that there are those who abuse their food stamps, sell them in exchange for alcohol, drugs, and whatever else their wild imaginations can think of - but for the most part people use them for what they are intended for: FOOD!

We were first on Food Stamps in 2008 when my husband lost his job, his income made up 80% of the money coming into the house and I knew there was no way we could support ourselves and eat on my measily $11.00/hr part-time job, even though my then boss offered me full-time hours for a brief period.  Since that that we've been on them and off of them for various reasons - now we're back on them full-time as we're in yet another transitional financial time in our life, that you can read more about on my Finance Blog.

But my point here is that yes while we are using government issued food stamps doesn't make it a terrible thing.  We are doing what we must to feed our family - that isn't a terrible thing.  We do need to eat, do we not?  So while there have been many articles written about this very topic, and those who feel the need to judge people on Food Stamps, I am hoping to change the stigma.

On my blog I've begun writing about a little cooking adventure I've started with an indie-author - using my government issued food stamps to purchase raw ingredients to make items we purchase ALL the time like bread, cookies, brown sugar, corn syrup, pancake mix/syrup, etc.  Why?  Well because I want to show that while one is living on Food Stamps one does not have to suffer nutritionally to do so - all the while trying to change the stigma there is behind EBT/SNAP benefits!

So let's start this journey with my next article, how to take your benefits and buy ingredients to make basics to feed your family.

Published by Lara Girdler