As some of you may have already figured out (that is, if you follow me on Instagram) during my stay in Mexico City, I had been staying in the Polanco neighborhood… well, very sadly, that is no longer the case. I just moved, and I miss it terribly, so I decided to write about what I like about this trending area, and since Polanco is one of the places to ¨go eat¨ in Mexico, this first post is about my favorite places to eat in the neighborhood.

I have always thought that the best place to get to know a city is to hang with the locals and I feel that I can start branding myself into that category. That said, I won´t go deep into the three popular musts in Polanco: Did you guys know that three of the ¨50 Best¨ restaurants in the world are in Polanco? Well, they are… so you may want to pay a visit and be the judge. These restaurants are Quintonil, Pujol, and Biko. And that is all I am going to say about that.

So, let´s get back to business. My favorite…

(I have to start by talking about my weakness and guiltiest of pleasure) …Milkshakes: Every new big city I go to, the first thing I look for is the best milkshake in town. So these were my fist discoveries during my first days in Mexico City. Fist: The Pablo´s Shake from Sliders; Second, the choco-banana shake from Butcher and Sons; third, the Gansito Shake from  L´Encanto de Lola. Cool tip: Both Sliders and Botcher and Sons offer milkshakes with alcohol, in case you want to try them (I don’t drink, that is why those didn’t make it on my list).

…Burgers: I also love burgers, and although I have tried different burger places, I recommend Sliders. 

…Sushi: I tried at least three different Japanese restaurants in Polanco and I can only recommend the Tuna Sushi Cake from Tori Tori Restaurant. It is TO-DIE-FOR. The place is a bit expensive, but I truly believe that it is worth at least a try. You can go to the fancy place on Temístocles and have some drinks with friends or to the laid back one on Anatole France. 

Antojitos Mexicanos: The ¨little Mexican dishes¨… does¨quesadillas¨ sound familiar? Well, think no further than El Bajío restaurant if you want to have one in Polanco. This restaurant offers the typical Mexican food and if you happen to go there, please don’t leave without having the cheese sopes, cheese quesadillas, and the best Guacamole in Polanco! 

Tacos: Go to Cabanna and look no further. My recommendation: taco Gobernnador.

…Beef: My boyfriend is the most carnivore person I know. Give him a beef of any type and size and he will devour it… so we´ve tried quite a few steaks in Polanco (he orders it, and I´d just have a bite). There are many, but definitely my favorite one is from La Buena Barra... so tender and tasty! Also, when you go, make sure you can stay a while to enjoy the good food, the great atmosphere, and the nice view. 

…Fish and Seafood: There are plenty of fish and seafood restaurants in Polanco and some of them are really good, but I particularly liked Bellopuerto.

…Breakfast: It is my favorite food of the day, and although I have tried many different breakfasts in Polanco, there are some that are still pending for me and that I really want to try, so this one is not totally fair (I might update this one later). However, so far, I have loved Ojo de Agua´s acai bowls, juices, and almond bread; Mora Mora´s acai bowls and juices, El Bajío´s scrambled eggs and chocolate - OMG! THE most delicious Chocolate! -, Le Pain Quotidien´s French toasts, and Debbie & Peponne´s smoothies. As you can see, I am not into chilaquiles or enchiladas, which are the typical Mexican breakfasts… sorry! 

Pain-Au-Chocolat: Finally, this one deserved a special mention. The most delicious chocolate bread or ¨chocolatin¨, as Mexicans call it, is home baked in Maison Belén café. Believe me, just try it!

In addition to these, you can find some of the most famous restaurants in the world, such as NOBU, Cipriani, La Relais de L´Entrecote, and Cantina No. 20.

So there you have it guys, if you have any other recommendations, please let me know in the comments section below.

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