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Woke up feeling fresh. I decided to visit the Market Hall in Hakaniemi – opened in 1915, designed by Karl Hård af Segerstad. There are approximately 70 stores in two floors. First floor: fresh foods, and second floor: souvenirs and handicrafts.

Hakaniemi Market Hall

Besides that, I had the best seafood soup ever at Soppakeittiö! I stopped by the stall because it was crowded (and it was just a small stall). Whatever the people was eating, it seemed so delicious and I just had to try it.I requested the waitress for the most popular soup among the locals. By the way, they have three options on their menu: Tuorehernesose – minttu (Green pea and mint soup), Kana Paprika (Chicken and Sweet Pepper Soup), and Bouillabaisse (Seafood Soup):

It was so delicious. There are salmon, prawns, mussels and vegetables in the soup. I would definitely return to try the other two options. They got me hooked to it. Along with the seafood soup which costs 10€, it includes bread slices and dipping sauce (olive oil and herbs mixture).

After that, I just walked around for a bit.

Variety of Cheeses

Kakku Galleria

In Kakku Galleria, there are buffet options for their delicious cakes. If you could eat more than 6 slices, it would be worth it. I usually visit their outlet in Itis Shopping Mall. Now that I found another of their outlet here, I’ll visit this which is nearer to my place!:)

Hakaniemi Open Market

Beautiful Fresh Berries

Beautiful Strawberries

It’s a beautiful time to visit open markets everywhere in Helsinki indulging in fresh fruits and local Finnish cuisines.

Enjoy the summer!

Stephanie x

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