Foolery & Priorities


Good Morning Social Media Family All Across the Board,

Up this morning getting my asthma treatment in, & getting my carpet cleaned. I'm sitting here Thanking God that I'm alive and blessed & able to see another day.

Scrolling through the #Book & #Instagram I've noticed a lot of #Videos and #Status's about the sharing of information with those we love & hold dear to help one another live life to the fullest. Giving another information on how to get things done in life verses keeping it to oneself.

I have to say I have always been one to pay it forward. I may not have my own car or house for that matter (work in progress) but I do my part at helping others with what information I have obtained in life, from how to get on your own with #LimitedIncome, to how to get on your feet & stop #Living on the #NextOne because there is nothing like having #your #Own chile! But we can't be responsible for those who take it & don't use it & then for those who do use it we gets no recognition or appreciation, don't get a "Thank You" or even a head nod or a "Good looking out" or #nothing. I will never understand some people in the #Black #Community! Its so hard for some to show #Appreciation towards their own kind with a simple #ThankYou but like oh boy said in I shared (via Facebook)  you get an attitude when someone "makes it" or "comes up" as they say it or be quick to say "oh she acting funny case shot a ill money" when she/he does what they need to do to get where they trying to get, but yet we both serve the same God (or you say you do anyway) which means if you follow the same book of life I follow "The #Bible" you can reap the same benefits, well maybe not the same but you'll get blessed with the gifts that God has written out for you & only you.

Now I must say that there are those who do come up & act a lil "funny" like they forgot where they came from, get a lil money & forget how they got it & forget the Lord they served to get there, those folks won't be where they are for long or they will suffer & not enjoy life where they are trust me. Just remember this:

"We Get Blessed to be a Blessing"

Chile, you better get some #God in your life, cause life to short for the foolery that some of you choose to entertain yourself with. A lot of you have your priorities all messed up, and having your priorities in life screwed up & discombobulated will sometimes leave you alone & used up @ the end of the day.

Nothing wrong with wanting a man but my God is a jealous God he wants NO OTHER MAN #BEFORE #HIM yearning & believing in #man will lead you down a road that you might not want to be on, the road of #Damnation. Nothing wrong with wanting a woman, but make sure it's the #Right woman that will help keep you straight & guide you down that right path to your God Given Destiny.

You must first want & love yourself, believe in yourself as God believes in you & you will be #Amazed at the things that God will bring forth into your life. God has done #Great things for me, and I have this feeling, this burning in my heart, this yearning in my soul that tells me "he's not through with me yet."

Its time for a lot of you to wake up & find your purpose and put all these childish games a side. A lot if the females I know are so busy putting their time into wanting a man and pleasing the wrong men that they can't see straight. They don't have time for their kids or their own life for that matter due to the wrong choices they are making, they aren't putting the right kind of time into their own vision for their #FLESH is #WEAK when their #MIND should be #STRONG.

I am not perfect for I am dating yes I am, and I have my share of sins to answer for, but the Lord knows where my passion lies, God knows my heart. I may complain, fuss, & grip about the love in my life & that's because I have STANDARDS, and the unperfect things I see about him as a young man for "me" because I anot looking for a man to "lay up with, I'm looking for a HUSBAND if you don't qualify in a certain period of time you will get dismissed, but if I had to chose between that love & the love of my #LordFather_SavoirJesusChrist I'd be a single woman faster than anyone can blink! Because NO MAN comes before my GOD, no man is more important than MY GOD!

So people I urge you to get right, because there is no amount of information I can give/share with you from "man made" society that may help you live your life the way you dream unless you have God first and foremost in your life, your truly wasting your time. I may not go to church every Sunday but God knows my heart, he knows where my dedication, devotion, & love lies….

Get right
Get Blessed
I promise you, you won't regret it!

~Social Butterflyy

Published by Life of a Unique Woman