For everyone saying “Fuck 2016”

Let me show you something you’ve never seen

Fisher, Prince, Bowie, and Rickman.

Ali, Michael, Wilder, and Cohen.


And hundreds of others left unnamed.

Our democratic order driven insane.

This entire year has been a mess,

But let’s not forget the rest

Of the people out there who live this way,

Where the struggles exist everyday.


Oh, and I should probably make it clear

That we made up the idea of the year.

The idea that these problems stem

From a measure of time that comes to end,

Excuses us from responsibility

For the actions that brought us to hostility.


But if we want 2017 to be better

We need to learn to be together.

We need to learn to act for good,

Instead of just do as we “should.”



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Published by Cassady O'Reilly-Hahn