Sunday was a huge day for me. As word of the event started to seep through my loved ones they were excited for me and surprised I had not shared the plan with them.

Why I chose to keep it to myself was that it was a very personal decision I had made over two years ago right before I was diagnosed with cancer. Although the church will do a baptism ceremony at any time, I had originally planned on being included in one of their LifeFest events where several people make the declaration on the same day. The weekend I was originally scheduled for I ended up in Rochester for testing.

This is the first LifeFest since that occasion where the timing worked with my treatment schedule (although not sure my surgeon would agree that being submerged in a bath of water with several other people was a great idea just 11 days post-op).

So although I had made the personal declaration almost two years ago, yesterday was finally the public declaration and physical transformation which I did not want people to take out of context and make it about me. While I appreciated the well wishes of others, and was so thankful for their support; yesterday was not about me.

Yesterday was about God.

Only God.

Baptism is a ritual which portrays  Christ’s Death, Burial, and Resurrection.

As the words of baptism were spoken and I was immersed, my old self officially died and as I was brought out of the water, a new me was born. I was reborn.

Before church the boys and I prayed about the faith journey that each of us is walking and that Jesus be close with us as we continue to grow closer to Him.

I also gave thanks that my new life in Christ also coincided with my new NED (No Evidence of Disease) life. To have these two new beginnings at the same time is deeply emotional for me.

So that is what Sunday was…a rebirth to a new life. A rebirth that began over two years ago and the labor process turned out to be longer and more difficult than I could have imagined…and the most beautiful vision I have ever seen.

My youngest son captured the moment on video for me and I showed him how to take still pictures while video taping. The picture below is one that says it all…and I am forever grateful…


A new life

I accept Jesus Christ as my Savior. I make the decision to follow Him with every step I take. I expect to be held accountable by fellow believers. I will continue to live my best life with all the glory and praise to God.

I am not perfect, and this is not going to change that. What is changed is that the old me is gone. The old me has died and been buried. The new life I live is for Christ.


I give thanks that even with all my past sins I am welcomed in Your house as family. Help me to remember that I am no longer the ‘Old Debbie’ and that those past sins have been forgiven.

As I continue to reevaluate relationships, bring discernment and comfort when some difficult decisions need to be made. Give me wisdom as I talk with friends and bring them along side me, closer to you.

Continue to strengthen my boys Lord as they are struggling right now and still learning how to cope. Make their upcoming vacation time a time of emotional renewal and strength…and please can they come home with all their finger and toes…

Bless my baby girl and her family. She is such a wonderful mother already to that little princess…I could not be more humbled and proud of her.

I give You thanks for surrounding me with people who continue to glorify Your name. You picked me a wonderful team, I am humbled by the wonderful choices made for me.

I give all the glory to You…all the glory.


Published by Debbie W