Dear mama, 

The job of  a parent often goes un-thanked and after years and years of looking after me and guiding me, I've realized that being a parent is the hardest job in the world. So for Christmas this year, i wanted to give you a thank you note because i know that 'thank you' is rarely heard. 

Thank you for having me, for loving me. Thank you for bearing with me through my strange moods, my annoying chitter chatter, my baby talks even though i'm way too old for it. Thank you for raising me and teaching me, for guiding me. Thank you for listening to all my woes and worries. Thank you for believing in me and for encouraging me to do what i sometimes think impossible. Thank you for making me realize that impossible is really I'm possible. 

Thank you for feeding me delicious home made food. Thank you for cleaning my room, the house, everything. Thank you for the mother daughter hangouts and the coffee afternoons to make me feel better. Thank you for the shopping trips and the car rides home from a friends house. 

Thank you for being there for me every step of the way, for making me feel loved and cared for, secure and happy. 


Thank you. 

Love always, 


Published by Summer Daniels