Here’s the thing about us foodies, the first thing that comes up to our minds before going to an extremely important interview, meeting or even after a break-up! Being anxious? Nopes! You got it wrong its thinking, what should I eat now? Trust a foodie when you see them in a serious state of contemplation looking unreachably far away and on being questioned about what worrying them? And then ‘Wondering what should I eat next’ comes the answer. But on a serious note please do not mix us with anyone who just about likes food. Even amongst the foodies there are some basic categories. Let’s find out!

The Nutritional Foodie

Determining by the sound of it, this is not just someone who would put anything in their body that reads edible (animal food not applied! hah). This kind of food is perhaps the mom kind of foodie. She loves to cook but equally enjoys feeding others. Sensing from the sound of it they won’t ever let you put garbage down that esophagus of yours. Some amazing chefs and famous nutritionists are also on this category they would pick up food that is best and healthy, never otherwise. They would be able to do that because they always read up what’s there on the labels. Such foodies don’t just go for the taste that develops in the mouth but also how it got that way while mixing the best present ingredients. Cereals shopping would never be sugary and red meat would be a no no. Yet they would find some amazing alternatives that would either have the similar taste to it or even better! But the best part would remain that you are high on nutrition’s while digging in a bucket of organic honey-wings with such individuals. You will rarely ever see them obese and full of lethargy. 

The Random Binger

Here’s the most commonly found and prevalent growing foodie (meh! Thanks to the trending food pictures on social media). These people are more concerned about their taste buds rather than their worry about their waistlines. When we say a random bringer, they are also those who not just about anything without considering the side effects such as from oily, fatty, sugary or gulping down preservatives. This is not healthy at all but more like food addiction for all the wrong reasons that is harmful and could be avoided. Often such people will binge in due to stress or just out of habit causing them, lasting negative effects.

There is nothing wrong with bringing on comfort food from time to time unless you are smart enough to keep it to the minimal and also not spending heaps on it. The best way to delve into some yummy essential comfort food would be by taking benefit from the offers available. Check out this flyer here, that offers some necessary food items as well as some of your comfy cheat food. It’s okay nutritional or the random bringer, once a foodie always a foodie! Don’t say we didn’t give our shot to keep you aware. Happy shopping, Bingers! 

Published by Joe Pirest