Observation of the local richness, experience of the true feel of land, pleasure of a novel adventure, joy of moving away from usual routine – while travelling offers these wonders to each one alike, the happiness of exploring a new place coupled with excitement of visiting novel sites form some of the best moments in one’s life. With immense love for travelling and deep interest towards newer adventures, I always look forward to the job of packing my bags! Be it an international trip to a faraway land or a domestic tour to another state, be it a short vacation to a little town or a local trip over the weekend, I enjoy the experience of breaking away from the routine schedule and travelling with the joy of journey.

     Customizing the travel plans as per interest and convenience, I look forward to the phase of planning. While considering the opinions, choices, priorities and demands of all the family members, narrowing down to a perfect destination, besides deciding the perfect itinerary demand lot of hard work and patience! Though differences in personal opinions can complicate the planning process, finding out a successful solution and agreeing to each of its contents create wonderful moments, even before the start of the trip.

     Teaching essential aspects with the aid of amazing memories, joyful moments, colorful adventures and combined experiences, travelling has always been one of the best sources of practical knowledge. By offering insights into the history, culture, cuisine, climate, occupation and tradition of the land, travelling is certainly a perfect way to enhance one’s geography. Curious about the lives of localities and their styles along the daily course, I enjoy the process of observation and analysis. Travelling brings me closer to the richness of a land, prompting me to appreciate its offerings, while pondering about their uniqueness.

     While no city is perfect or no place is flawless, travelling encourages me to look at the highlights of a location. Travelling offers the benefits of expanding my horizon. By moving to places far away from home, travelling takes me to the joy of exploration. Besides a break from routine schedule, opportunities to taste novel food, enjoy different climate and roam on new streets amplify my love for travelling. Though I may dislike the cuisine of a particular place or detest its different taste, I always look forward to try out the local taste of the land.

      Challenges during a journey or difficulties along the way teach the value of adjustments. As it is impossible to mimic comfortable ambient conditions like those at home, travelling inspires me to accommodate in a new environment with ease. Travelling has undoubtedly transformed my introvert nature, prompting me to talk to those around and make new friends on the way. Along the course of journey or during visit to a tourist spot, while roaming on the streets or enjoying food at a local joint, travelling offers me perfect moments to connect with diverse people.

      Not limited to a tour alone, I look at travelling as a complete, educational and informative experience. From unstated moments and undefined adventures, joy of travelling lies in the uncertainties and surprises that it has to offer. Impossible to plan a trip to its finest details, last moment experiences offer maximum doses of happiness. Relaxing within the premises of a foreign territory take me away from the stress of daily life. A fuel that pumps energy and enthusiasm, every travelling experience motivates my inner self. Increasing my excitement to resume back to usual schedule, travelling certainly boosts my productivity.

     Experience of trips to far away locations has raised my confidence to a great extent. Beneficial and joyous in every manner, travelling is the perfect means of adventurous encounters.

    Educational, fun-filled, novel, unique, exciting, boring or time-killing; travelling is certainly wonderful and wholesome in every possible way! 

Published by Lavanya