This is an appreciation article for all dogs of any and all kinds and why we love dogs so much. Brought to you from the inner workings of a much obsessed dog lover.

So why do we dog lover’s love dogs so much? The list goes on but today I am going to explore a few main and important reasons why.

They are your best friend till the end:
From the moment you own a dog, whether it be from a puppy or already grown and you raise them right and well, they will be your best friend for the rest of their life. They are the best friend that never leaves your side, always listens to your troubles and they are always up for a good cuddle and tummy rub. A dog may be one part of your life but you are their entire life. Dogs bring meaning and fun into our lives and fill time with joy and adventure.  And a dog’s loyalty and protection is one of the strongest bonds that we can form with an animal.

I own an eleven year old Great Dane cross Bull Mastiff named Clyde. He may look like a horse but he is the biggest sook. Growing up together, he is my heart and soul and life would be grey without him.


Each and every dog is quirky and unique in their own way:
Big, small, fluffy or short-haired, no matter the breed every dog has their own unique personality and it is the best feeling watching your dog grow into theirs as they get to know you. Some big dogs, like mine are actually big babies inside and some small dogs are hyperactive and love to show off. Extra floppy ears, fluff balls, lazy loungers and hyperactive fetch players, fussy eaters or no fuss at all are just some of the characteristics to name a few of the different dog personalities that I have come across and love.

My Best friends have four Maltese Shitzu’s:
Sophie is the Queen, Zoe is a cute dope, Misha is a hyperactive firecracker and Cooper just wants to play ball. Together they all make the cutest family.

They love play and adventure:
Dogs are always up for some fun and make outdoor activities more fun, its great exercise for them too. Dog parks are heaven and it is such a joy to take your dog on an adventure to the beach and park. Dogs love to play fetch and tug-a-war with bike tires and ropes and are always keen for their next walk. The excitement on a dogs face when it is time for a walk is cuter than words can express, truly.


There is nothing cuter than a puppy, enough said.

And when you feel alone or going through a rough patch, you can always count on your dog to be there for you, no matter what. Now that is love my friend. 

So all in all, there a few reasons of many as to why dogs are considered and hailed man's best friend and why they make the perfect soul friend for life. Dogs are full of life and joy, adventure and excitement and they make the best companions. Shout out to all the dogs that have touched our human hearts with warmth and love, I aim to return the favour to every one I meet, as should you. 



Published by Jacqueline Ann Lente