I found my collection - Heart - photo's in the computer, strange thing a computer. Mine keeps on saying that the memory is full all the time. Every now and then I try to  throw away and clean up, but it's really difficult. A lot of the space is filled with my photo's and (it is kind of silly i know) I keep one copy on the computer and one extra  on two  external hard drive's, one for work and the other for private. It sounds much more organized than it is. Both external  hard drive's are nearly full , unbelievable.  I thought that was impossible,  how many photo's does one need. Well the explanation is quit simple. Not half as many as I have. On the hard drive's about 3/5 are the same on both.  Okay I know, that's just plain stupid, but I have a really good reason;   I use a lot of private photos for my blogs , and blogs well they are also on my work hard drive. I really,really need to get a good working system. How do you do that? How do you organize photos on the computer?

Published by Annica Delfos