A report from the World Economic Forum states, “The Middle East and North Africa has the highest youth unemployment rate in the world, at 27.2 percent.”  That figure is intriguing, not in a good way though. Experts mention the problem is not in the quality of education the youth is receiving, but in the lack of career counseling services.

The origin of the problem has been established, and then comes the second phase, Job Posting/ Descriptions.

Let’s begin with some examples of jobs posted on social media platforms and some career sites.

  • “Prestigious company looking to hire several positions, offering salary XYZ, it is a must to have car and a mobile phone, call or whatsapp 0123456789"  So even if they're looking for an assistant you have to have a car?!
  • “Secretary for Company – (Location name) Perfect computer skills. Experience at least 7 years” :| I'm guessing the second that hired employee with the perfect computer skills makes one mistake she/he is fired!
  • "A reputable company in XYZ is looking to hire sales representatives with 2 years experience. Qualified candidates please send your full CV to XYZ@gmail.com"
    The company is so professional and reputable it has a gmail.com domain *thumbs up*
  • Or how about this, my all time favorite job post:
    "Fresh graduate with at least 3 years of experience required for a marketing executive position" :O Excuse you?! Not only do you not know what you want from your future employee, but you also confused and devastated most of the fresh graduates in the market!

When I graduated, thankfully my professors prepared me for how to present myself from CV to interview. But unfortunately I had to learn how to read job posts the hard way. At one point I recall applying to jobs based on job titles ONLY! Because each time I was called in for an interview, the job role would be irrelevant to the job title. Job titles lately have changed based on the market and the mentality of "hey look I'm a manager on my business card" But do you carry the valuable experience for that title?!

Anyway, I remember attending a job interview with a well known company in UAE, the interviewer had the most irrelevant questions, the famous one would be tell me about your work experience... In my head I would think "But I sent you my CV..." I made it a point to mention only the most relevant work experience the job I'm being interviewed for, only then would the interviewer (not necessarily the HR manager) consider looking at my CV and flipping through it. My advice to the interviewer, read the CV before the interview, if you're looking for something specific just ask about it.

The first interview with a candidate is not a coffee meeting to have an open discussion, save yourself time and make use of the interview. If you would like to know a candidate more, invite her/him back for a second interview to ask further questions relevant to the position or even the possibility of that person joining your company (or team).

So, here's what your job posts should include:

  • Company Name
  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Qualifications
  • Years of experience (be realistic, especially with fresh graduates)
  • Salary range

The unemployed has taken the time to write a CV for the employer to consider for an interview, it is only fair that the employer would also take the time to write a clear job description for an open position. Just because the unemployed is in need of a job, doesn't mean an employer should take them lightly with an incomplete job post.

So for the sake of the unemployed, take the time to write a decent job description to promote your company and vacancy and attract the right applicants, and perhaps start fighting unemployment!

The applicant also has ethics and etiquette guidelines to follow when writing a CV. There is a formula to balance between the applicant and the recruiter to ensure satisfaction on both sides.


Published by Marwa Patz