I don't understand why but after all these years after we've come to this day and age when people hear that I am a feminist, the response I always get is that I must be a man-hating lesbian. I must tell you that I truly have had enough of people telling me this because feminism is so much more than that and we have to move on from that misconception that has been embedded in our society for no particular reason.

The other day I was talking to a friend about feminism and she told me how she's done with that 'phase of her life' and that we all need to move on from that. She said how she's a strong woman who wants to empower men and women equally.

Well, wait. What? You're over feminism but you just told me the definition of this same movement? I was really confused but she continued on, telling me how feminists want to be superior to men. Let me tell you that I was really confused by this statement but I wasn't surprised because I know that many people today have this way of thinking. They see this misconception that's all over the media, telling you how women want to be superior in every single way and that we probably all do hate men.

I am a straight, man-loving feminist, who only wants to be treated the way she deserves. Is that too much to comprehend or...? What is happening in this world? We avoid deep conversations where we will discuss topics that aren't so usual but they are necessary!

When did a movement for the rights of women become about men? I am really frustrated because of the way the direction this whole movement has taken. Women want equality! We want to be able to have a stable, well-paid job, without fighting for that spot with a man! We want to be able to make our dreams come true and not be made to feel inferior by men who think that they deserve it more than we do.

Men don't lose anything by treating women right! Let's be honest, the only time when feminists hate men is when they treat us like crap. I don't know why but men still think that they will lose their manliness by treating women well. Once in a while, wash those dishes yourself, tell her that she will conquer the world, tell her how much you love the way her strength can be seen in her eyes, instead of objectifying her body in a game of 'truth or dare'.

Even men can be feminists. Yes, they can. If you can't find one, you're not looking hard enough. My opinion is that men and women will never be the same. We are differentiated by birth and there are some things one can do that the other can't. But equality isn't us trying to change the nature of humankind, it's about finding a place for a woman in a world that has been labeled as a 'man's world'. But men can be feminists and they can fight alongside us to conquer these misconceptions and all those other people telling us that women shouldn't be allowed to have a job that's paid just as much as if a man did it.

Feminists do not hate men. If someone comes up to you and says that they're a feminist and that they hate men, they are probably the 'wrong' type of feminist. Women do not hate men. Not every man is the same and we shouldn't be putting them into boxes but if a man thinks that my body language is consent and he starts touching me like he owns my body, I am going to be disgusted by him—not the whole of mankind.

If a man ever did anything to you to change your mind, if he did anything to you that you remember now and see it in your nightmares, I am truly sorry you had to see what a beast looks like. Because that wasn't a man—that was a beast! Not every man is like that and not every man will be like that. That's why you can't say that you hate every man out there. There are men who will treat you right and hug the sadness out of you because they want you to be equal to them as well.

Meta description: Feminists do not hate men! When did a movement about female rights become about men?

Published by will Ent