Where do we go next? Where is my new adventure? What will I do for the rest of my life? Those were some of the questions that we ask ourselves if we feel like we are stuck in the moment of our lives. We want to do something but we don’t know where to start. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

I was walking to work this Friday morning and felt my mind keeps on wandering (maybe because I just read the book “The Art of Travel”), wandering why am I still here, don’t I want to see other parts of the world just like how Alain de Botton describes in his book? Then suddenly, BEEEEPPPP! I was about to be hit by a van when I’m just a step away from crossing the pedestrian lane (it was Friday, the 13th). I was in shock of course, but at that moment I wasn’t afraid with my life being grabbed by death however I was afraid with life being grabbed by death without living my life to the fullest. That’s when I thought I need to do something about it.

So, as soon as I reached my office and greeted the security guard like I always do every morning I went straight to the powder room and cried for a little bit. Then I fixed myself and dried my eyes for life is waiting for me and I have to suck it all in.

Yes, maybe sometimes we might feel lost in some areas of our existence. But that doesn’t mean we are hopeless and can’t do something about it, right? And as my favorite motto goes: “Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve” by I don’t know who wrote that quote.

Let me share you some things I did to step up my game and you can share through comments what you have done to inspire and help other people. Let’s take these steps together and face the upcoming journey ahead.


-    Grab a notebook, write your dreams or goals for the coming years and be specific then put a big space where you can put photos when you accomplish it.


-    So, we have goals and dreams we want to do. It’s time to set the timeline or deadline for ourselves to be motivated to do something to achieve it in time. Of course, priorities first accomplish the goals in the nearest deadline. One step at a time as Jordin Sparks sings.


-    The Internet is a great tool for searching for many things. If one of your goals is to study abroad, then look for websites that offer scholarships and apply online. Or if you want to try another field other than your degree now, why not try the online school. You want to live or work overseas, just hit the net. But of course, be careful of scams and only try the legit websites for your safety.


-    You are done putting yourselves out there, all we have to do is to wait patiently and pray to God that if it’s His will then ask Him to help you achieve it. If not, I’m sure He has better plans and just continue researching and look for other options that will work for you.


-    When the most awaited part comes, grab the opportunity and grab it! When there’s a job offer from Dubai or from a company who wants your talent, go for it! When finally you have been granted a scholarship in a university from France, go for it! It’s time to take that leap of faith and leave your old self for a moment. It’s time to discover new strengths as an independent individual.

Published by Tina Maria