Towards the end of every year, something interesting happens; you manage to convince yourself that the year to come will have with it a magical transformation which you will feel tingling through your bones and out your fingertips, giving you special abilities once the clock chimes 12. On 1st January, your bank account must be flowing, or you will find that awesome new job that pays you well, your body should have the drive to work out, you will suddenly have the charisma and personality to attract that boy/girl, you will quit your social media addiction, and whatever bad that happened in the previous year is banished to remain in that year. 
Except, it's ten days later, and you are staring at the peeling walls of a government building, absent-mindedly hitting 'refresh' on your social media feed while wondering where the magic is. You still feel like the same person you were last year, and probably worse off because you spent a little too much during the holidays.

What happened to the magic, the change, the resolutions

We place so much pressure on dates, changes, milestones, bidding them to hold some form of meaning, anything we can grasp onto to reassure ourselves that there is more to us than what currently is. However, the fact is that a change in dates holds no further meaning that what it is; a change in dates. The difference between 31 December 2016, and 1 January 2017 is that someone somewhere decided that was how a document would be divided to denote the passing of a certain period of time. So, while you are aware of the year's change, mother nature only just sees it as what it really is- the passing of yet another day. The day we accept that symbols are what they are- symbols, is the day that we will stop holding dates and events to the impossibly high standards to which we do, which usually results in disappointment.
Don't expect this year to just hand you what you want on a platter; silver or plastic. That's not how years work. A year is just that- a year, the passing of time. Instead, go out there and work for it. Not because it's a new year, but because it's what you want for yourself

Published by Chiseche Lydia