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I was going to title this about the pain of leaving but after having a similarly distressing travel conversation this morning it makes me think of the beauty and the blessing of travelling and travelling how I do.
The beauty in flight, the difference that air can make and weather over several countries and oceans. How incredible it is, that we have machines that fly and we eput faith in our pilot to get us to our destination in one piece and not be the statistic or the latest news headline.
In Feb a storm brewed the day before one of my flights and someone had died due to the strength of the winds. Planes had to be extra careful and they could be seen teetering and tottering with the wind. Pilots skills were put to the test and I guess any religious people on board put their faith in prayer to the test as they wanted to land in the West Midlands of the UK. My flight was to land the next day and more North. Our pilot informed us that it had passed and we would be ok to land, even in his voice we had to go by his word and believe what he said was true as there was no turning back or option to jump.
Flying is faith, if you're non religious, I guess it could be seen as just awe of man's genius but if you happen to have a non typical landing what do you say or what words do you mutter? Just a question, that needs no answer.
With flying comes the opportunity to:
  1. See the world
  2. Meet new people
  3. Make friends abroad or rekindle previous friendships
  4. Learn new languages, recipes and cultural norms that you can take with you.
  5. It adds to your cultural intelligence and widens your perception of yourself in the world and even potentially your greater purpose in this world and how to accomplish it.
  6. You laugh a little more
  7. Problem solving skills are worked on. For example, if you miss your flight please don't cry like I did, stop and think then buy another one.
  8. You learn what a real emergency is, either on the plane or when you realise you don't have enough money or lost your passport in the departure airport. I lost my passport in Barcelona at the security checks once.
  9. You tend to challenge your fears and marry up with self belief. For example, you aren't sure about passing your driving test but after £40 hours and £600+ you will believe in eveything the driver taught and take the test a couple of times until you pass.
I love a good flight. Got anymore ideas for the list?

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