Matt Damon and Christian Bale play Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles respectively. The latter are 1960s racing legends in James Mangold’s Ford vs Ferrari drama relating to the attempts by Ford Motor Company to triumph over Ferrari at Le Mans 24 hours. 



About the Le Mans 24 Hours 


The Le Mans 24 hours is the most popular automobile race across the globe comparable only to the Indianapolis 500 and the Monaco Grand Prix. What makes Le Mans unique is the fact that it’s an endurance race. It’s a test that involves man and machine for 24 hours. The competition was held to establish manufacturer durability.

If a car engine, moving parts within the car designer and the car itself could survive the complex race track event, it would be a clear display of daily consumer use and its durability. Back then, race cars weren’t like ordinary cars and a win in the race track meant a win in the sales competition in vehicle showroom dealers. A win was a major marketing factor more so for performance vehicles.  

Based on a True Story 


In real life, the characters in the Ford vs Ferrari drama hardly compete with the cars used in auto racing movies. However, when they have to play in the Ford vs Ferrari true-life story, they’re as aggressive as the machines they ride. Steered by the lead performance matt Damon and Christian Bale as mentioned above, this trailer HD film which also stars Caitriona Balfe is specially designed to navigate through century fox theaters and have a considerable home viewing thereafter. Ford vs Ferrari is a racing chronicle with robust historic and dramatic foundation. In the history of global racing back in the 1960s, Ferrari was untouchable. It was the ultimate manufacturer of fast cars.

Company Downtime 


At some point when the Ford Ferrari manufacturer wasn’t doing too well, Henry Ford II together with Lee Iacocca, his Lieutenant and who was instrumental in introducing the Floor Pinto and the Mustang. In this film, the role of Lee Iacocca has been well represented by Jon Bernthal.

They would later manufacturer a race car that was capable of displacing the Ferrari. This was a laughable idea but determination saw them win the battle. Screenwriters in Ford vs Ferrari have incorporated robust aptitude to bring out a compact three-act structure which attracts fast viewership from some no-nonsense albeit enjoyable people, grants Miles, the pivotal figure a full welcome treatment for his ambitions, racing expertise and family, as well as offer aggressive character motions among the very ambitious executives and drivers. 


Ferrari Dominance


The Le Mans 24 wasn’t held during the Second World War years. It also didn’t occur a year after the world war as France made the introductory rebuilding efforts. After a ten year absence, post-war racing would resume in 1949 where the Ferrari 166M became the undisputed winners.

After the win, the model became overly popular with Ferrari dealers across Europe stocking and selling the model. In the 16 that followed, Ferrari would win the Le Mans 24 hours eight times more, six of which were back to back wins between 1960 and 1965. That exceptional dominance has recognized the world over.  


Objectives of the Ford Motor Company


The oldest grandson of Henry Ford, the CEO of Ford Motor Company, was a racing fanatic and a budding entrepreneur. He was focused towards broadening the company holdings and most importantly to develop Ford’s racing resume.

His attempts to buy Ferrari bore minimal results after the two compartments. Ferrari, a racer who had fast become an Italian automotive giant, showed interest in signing a deal with Ford, an American car brand. After a long time of negotiations, Ferrari remained adamant and was unwilling to surrender control of his motorsports program.  


Snubbed in the Boardroom, Reacting on the Race Track


While Henry Ford II was used to getting rejected, he hardly gave up. Rather than getting frustrated at Ferrari’s refusal and finally giving up, he took it bravely and vowed to challenge Ferrari’s race track dominance. He went ahead and hired designer Carroll Shelby and tasked him with developing an energetic beginning. Carroll's prowess in race car designer and engineering developed the Ford GT40 into a robust machine that could compete with any car on the track.  


Le Mans 24 Hours 1966 


During the 1966 Le Mans 24 hours, designer Carroll Shelby hired Ken Miles, an unpopular British driver to drive the GT40 Mark II. Miles who was extensively experienced in race car building played a major role in fine-tuning the GT in its final development stages. In the Le Mans 24 hours of Daytona in 1966, Miles drove the car to victory. He proceeded to win the 12 Hours of Sebring.

Ford Ferrari would later win the subsequent Le Mans challenge which put Ferrari’s dominance to a stop. While cruising to his first victory, Miles had no idea that he would go ahead and become the only driver to triumph in the three biggest endurance races in the world in a single year. Now that Ford GT was the champion in the three top positions in the race, senior officials at ford Ferrari wanted a photo of the trio together as they crossed the finish line.

They ordered Miles to slow down and wait for his teammates to catch up. Just as Bruce McLaren who was piloting the second pace car approached the checkered flag, he hit the accelerator suddenly and this pushed his car to cross the line first. He won the race, an act which denied Miles the prestige of becoming the triple endurance winner.  




During the same year, Miles was at Riverside International Raceway in California where he was testing another Ford race car. Unfortunately, he lost control of the car and crashed. The accident was fatal and Miles lost his life at the age of 47 years. 


Ford’s Supremacy


Ford’s supremacy in winning Le Mans continued in 1967, 68, and 69. In 1967, Carroll Shelby hired A.J. Foyt and Dan Gurney, all American car drivers to drive the winning Ford car. To date, the Ford GT is still dominating races under the administration of Chip Ganassi and Ford Performance Racing.


If you’re looking to buy the two leading Ford cars, you will need to make an application first. You can only own one once your application is accepted. Remember, only 250 of the Lasco Ford and the street legal edition of the Ford GT are manufactured per year.  


What Happens in the Ford vs Ferrari  Movie? 


Director James Mangold displays a predestined hand all through the movie. However, some scenes earlier in the movie showcase a contradiction in the corporate traditions in both Ford and Ferrari. With a clear taste in class, prestige, and quality, Enzo Ferrari runs his realm both as a mafia boss and an archaic lord. He has little respect for Ford, looking down upon the company with the utmost contempt.

Ford, however, not one to take things lying down is terrifying huge man whose subordinates shiver whenever he’s present. On the other hand, Tracy Letts is an irresistible must-watch character. Ford’s decrees can be surprising and he executes his instructions to Lee Iacocca, in this case, Jon Bernthal, his trainee, ordering him to do whatever it takes for the company to win.

The downtime of the corporate interplay where the Ford team goes to Italy to seek a merger turns out to be a mockery of some sort when Ferrari laugh off the fact that they could ever collaborate in their operations.  


Constant Uneasiness


The energetic nature of this official trailer film is attributed to the fact that every interaction and relationship in this film is smooth. Miles, for instance, is unpredictable and tough towards everybody save for his wife and son. Shelby, on the other hand, seems to have too much in his hands than he can handle at once.

With pressure from Iacocca and Ford giving everybody sleepless nights, the deadlines they have to meet, and the danger that comes with the profession, everybody experiences an uneasiness over personal and professional mortality. An example of a driver and the relationship he has with his car designer is demonstrated when Miles goes for a test run on the tarmac at LAX. 


The French Driving Marathon


In the third act, it’s all about the 24-hour French driving marathon held in 1966 where two drivers take turns driving their cars throughout the day and night with no rain to cause distractions. This race was easier for Shelby seeing that he had worn it before in 1959. Miles, on the other hand, had already triumphed in the Sebring and Daytona contests.

Dramatizing the race is a challenging task due to its duration and alternating of drivers. Further, it comes with different problems resulting from how it’s finished. You, however, can’t ignore the satisfaction that comes with film, a clear indication of how skilled the people put it together is. 


Matt Damon and Christian Bale


Damon and Bale appear to be quite immersed in their dramatic characters. They contend well and in an engaging manner whether they are at odds, or conspiring. The attitudes, practices of the industry are displayed in a scathing light. Still, there’s a demonstration of wit with all participants doing all it takes to bring out a tremendous job which keeps viewers glued to their screen.

Ford vs Ferrari by James Mangold has the characteristics of a hit complete with an excellent task and fast cars. The official trailer film brings out male rivalry, male friendship, pulse-accelerating racing scenes, and explosions which leave the audience yearning for more. 


A Classic Hollywood Movie


Ford vs Ferrari is a good example of how Hollywood picks up a great story, incorporates a talented cast, and gives the film a fair budget to entertain the viewers. Currently, the film has an 89% approval rating out of 47 reviews and an average rating of 6.93 out of 10 on rotten tomatoes, a cumulative review website. The film premieres on November 15th, 2019 in 20th-century fox theaters. In an industry where the availability of franchises has created room for opportunities in film, James Mangold who has directed various films has dealt with franchises before.


However, the Ford vs Ferrari film remains one of his most spectacular works. In the film, Christian Bale plays Ken Miles, an engineer, and racer born in Britain who’s skilled in speed. He tends to go overboard with his part of authority issues perhaps because he opines that he’s better than everybody else. Of course, this is true seeing that he is a qualified engineer, a great driver, and an individual who knows his cars well.


Christian Bale is original meaning he’s marketable to many corporate companies. Still, his skills are somehow a mismatch to the corporate world. He’s not only difficult, but he’s not accustomed to playing by the rules. In the film are other talented characters such as Caitriona Balfe, Noah Jupe, and Josh Lucas.


What does Ford vs Ferrari Emphasize on?


Ford vs Ferrari is the classic representation of what happens when a private enterprise such as Ford taps skilled people such as driver Ken to help develop its racing initiative. The film is established in 1966, the time when Ford under Henry Ford II was looking for ways to have his company perform better.

The script is written by John-Henry Butterworth, Jez, and Jason Keller who critically focus on the subsequent clashes of traditions and will together with the input of Carroll Shelby, in this case, Matt Damon who acts as a cool-tempered referee try to triumph on the race track. On one side is a company that’s worried about its image as a result of an insecure boss. The company, Ford courts Shelby, a skilled man who is set to help the company develop a new image.

Ken Miles, on the other hand, is the only man that Shelby trusts to actualize his plans to develop a car that will beat Ferraro on the race track. Apart from the races, the exciting fact about trailer HD Ford vs Ferrari is how it leans towards this tension. The broader perspective of the Ford vs Ferrari movie brings out its main conflict and makes it fun and plausible. Mangold assumed a more effective direction on this movie than was the case with the original.  




Le Mans is a competition that takes 24 hours to complete. It’s also the clear limit of the movie. Watching the Le Mans scene is enough to stimulate your adrenaline. The realistic charm factories, as well as the actors, instill in the movie the emotional aspect it needs to succeed. Designer Carroll and driver Ken are old friends despite their constant fights while Damon, Bale, and the rest of the crew exude life regardless of how questionable the lines are.  



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