Spring is synonymous with spring cleaning and seen as the ideal time to clear out and clean up your home. However, this means spending lots of time indoors just as the weather is starting to brighten up. Instead, performing a winter clean could be a better option, allowing you to get your house in order without missing out on warmer temperatures.

Here are five reasons to ditch spring cleaning and do it before Christmas.

  1. You Will Receive Gifts at Christmas

In all likelihood, you will receive a fair few gifts over the Christmas period. This means you need somewhere to store them, which is where winter cleaning can help by making space for your lovely new presents.Additionally, at Christmas, giving is important, too. Rather than waiting until spring, having a winter clean means you can donate unused warm clothing, blankets and toys that can help those in need during the cold months.

  1. You Spend More Time in Your Home

As the temperatures grow colder, many of us have the urge to hibernate and stay at home. Because we typically spend more time indoors, it would be nice if our homes felt clean, cosy and welcoming. Having a winter clean can help you achieve this, while also providing a tidy interior that can really make your Christmas decorations stand out.

  1. To Get Your House Ready for Guests

Whether you tend to host Christmas, or you have a few guests coming to stay during the festive period, you want your home to be nice for their arrival. Having a winter clean during December allows you to prepare your home from top to bottom, preventing a crazy last-minute cleaning spree and helping you to enjoy a stress-free Christmas.

  1. You can Burn of Those Winter Treats

From festive coffee shop menus to supermarket aisles filled with goodies, Christmas brings a lot of delicious but unhealthy food. For example, Business Insider reports that the average Christmas dinner contains more than 5,000 calories. So, grab your Coopers of Stortfold spray mop and spin scrubber, and burn off some of those treats as you winter clean.

  1. To Help Prevent Winter Illnesses

Finally, winter is a time when many of us are plagued by colds and flu. However, you can help to keep these illnesses at bay by performing a thorough clean. This is important because germs and bacteria thrive in warm conditions – like a central-heated home – so staying on top of the cleaning can help to reduce your chance of catching a bug.

Published by Alex Hales