I was scrolling through Tumblr earlier.

If you live under a rock, you’re probably wondering what Tumblr is. Well, long story short, it’s a blog site with tons of cute cat pictures, memes, porn and deep, meaningful quotes – home of gays, depressed and hipsters. It’s absolutely fabulous.

I love it for all of the above. It’s a great release. I like to call it my diary. Not many people know my Tumblr. I used to like it that way; it was my private space where no one judged me. However, the last year has happened and now I don’t care what people know about me. I’m an open book.

Anyway, nobody cares about that.


I was scrolling through Tumblr earlier and saw this quote:

“I would rather live a life of oh wells than what ifs

I love it. I wish I had seen this a year ago. I used to say ‘oh well’ a lot. Admittedly, I used to say it when I didn’t want to talk about something and was about to change the subject – which isn’t always healthy. But then a toxic person came along and would physically poke me every time I said it. He thought he was funny, thinking it would get me to open up. It didn’t. This probably seems like nothing, but it is.

I briefly studied psychology. I loved it. I still do. It would be my first choice of a career path if I wasn’t so terrible at exams. Anyway, we used to learn a lot about experiments - one of them being positive and negative reinforcement, being physically punished when you did something wrong. I was an experiment, well, that is how it made me feel.

It worked too. I stopped saying it to avoid being poked.

I look back and although I may have said it to avoid things sometimes, it’s also a fantastic motto.

Something bad is happening? Oh well. You can’t change the past. Move on. Don’t linger on something painful, stressful or simply… poisonous.

But it could also teach you so many things. People often hesitate to do things because they think too much and over analyse the consequences or possible outcomes… then they miss out on something great… the ‘what ifs’.

Don’t you hate looking back at something and thinking ‘what if I had done this differently’, ‘what if I didn’t say what I said’? Well, stop it! What if’s don’t change a thing! Oh well… move on.

Live by the motto ‘OH WELL’. See how much better off you are for it.

Why not, right? You only live once.

Published by Lucy Scoble