As I walk this earth in confusion as to whom I am supposed to be; lost at every entrance of life; fearing to jump.

Not knowing whether it will be the right or wrong choice.

Forgive me Father;

For when you bless me in a way no one else can understand; and I forget to tell the glory of the awesome God I serve.

I’m sorry Lord for not blessing others in times where you have given me more than enough to do so.  

I’m sorry Father for not paying attention to my urges; instead going off of my own fleshly desires.

I’m sorry Father for the doors I did not step through when you allowed them to open for me.

I’m sorry Father for not obeying when you’ve commanded so much of me.

I’m sorry lord Jesus for when in the wake of my day I don’t praise you for your first blessing; the gift of life.

Forgive me Father,

For not treating others the way you treat me.

Forgive me for my quick temper, my selfishness, my pride fullness, my Hateful thoughts, and for my fleshly desires that over ride my faith and morals.

Forgive me Father, for not being who you created me to be.

Thank you Father for allowing me to see clearly! You have opened my soul, and softened my heart. Creating me into a new being.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews