To forgive is not just a noble act

And never considered as weak

Infact it takes a special inner strength

For letting go of pain is not easy

To forgive, does not condone the wrong that was done

Neither does it invite anymore

But it does release bitterness from your heart

So its no longer polluting your soul

Forgiveness of self is a process

Not an easy break to make

Of others is not that much easier

Though if you don't, what price might you pay?

It gives you a certain peace of mind

Though the memories will always be there

Ability to see life objectively

Without excuses, circumstances are clear

Forgiveness stops that wheel of karma

Stops vengeance from heeding the call

It opens your heart to compassion

And gives comfort after a fall

When you open your spirit to forgiving

Mostly everything falls into place

To forgive in your heart is empowering

A most beautiful saving grace



Published by Tambara Lilly