As you take your first breath of  today; It’s a sigh of relief, acknowledging that you were given a seconded chance at life. Our Lord God has blessed us with a second time to better what we didn’t do yesterday. Another step closer to the destination he has already planned for your future. We should wake up daily, praising the Lord for all his mercy. Some are not even able to be woken up for another day of life. Feeling blessed for the Major blessings that we often take for granted. Putting our lives at risk, not for the Lords sake or protection of others. Instead for the thrill and excitement of our own selfish reasons. Yet when a relationship with the Lord our God can send you on an adrenaline rush that will last you for the rest of your life. And that’s Just from having a relationship with the Lord. The excitement of having a loving father as a king. A gracious and merciful savior that hears your heart before your words. A King whose shield of armor he releases to his army of Christ followers that could never be broken, tainted or stolen by the enemy. Yet we continue to walk around complaining about things we can’t fix, places we have never been. Houses we couldn’t afford. Cars we would need an army to drive. Clothing that cost more than college. Feeling as if we are living to show off more than our spirits. We should be living to please only Our Lord God. Yet we are living in destruction. Killing ourselves mentally, morally and spiritually. Only we control the damage that is done to our bodies. But once the damage is done to our souls; There is no more armor, no longer protected. Not because he stripped it from us. But because we did things to turn our hearts, mind and souls always from our creator, and this is the result of it. You have made a way for the villain to allow himself in, and destroy all that has yet to be corrupted with inside of you. Even when warned of what is to come? Be mindful of what you have, and what you are losing. Control what you can, and pray for control in those things you cant.





As we come to you in prayer our father. We are asking that you place it in us that we can control our bodies when it comes to sin. As we all know this product of corrupted consistency fills destruction in our lives. Keep us on the correct path in faith, and obedience that naturally will turn us away from sinful desires. As we are full of your Goodness our Lord, waiting to over flow in this world. We pray for mercy, protection, cleansing and guidance. And we say thank you Lord Our Father for protection, guidance, cleansing and your gracious mercy you provide us daily. God bless those whom have yet to know who you are. And bless those who have lost sight, and bless those new, so they will not lose site. In Jesus name, amen amen amen

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews